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I'm seeing zero evidence for this claim other than some shady characters being affiliated with MIT. The technical claims made here about Aaron's crime make no sense/are pure speculation.

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I was thinking the same. But then just now I came across this...

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Ahh, yeah that is a tangible connection between MIT and Epstein. It's sad that Marvin Minsky went to the island, he is a huge towering figure in the history of computing and AI.

Still though, Swartz never mentioned the media lab and explicitly told us what he was doing- "pirating" JSTOR scientific documents.

To me it's a huge stretch to assume that an Epstein connection means there is "satanic child porn", or documents concerning this hidden group, stored on the official MIT network. That would be colossally dumb of them to do.

I guess it's a good thing we're all talking about Swartz again, but now it seems that taxpayer access to taxpayer funded research is taking a back seat.

Edit: hmm Aaron's dad actually worked for the Media Lab

The Media Lab is a curious choice of a target. The Lab has long employed Swartz's father Robert as an intellectual property consultant. The Lab organized a remembrance for Swartz shortly after his death.

So if Aaron was digging into the Media Lab, his dad would have mentioned it or would have covered up about it? Maybe I'll have to re-watch all footage of the dad. Probably won't tho :)

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True, there are many jumps there that you correctly pointed out.

Edit: hmm Aaron's dad actually worked for the Media Lab

I did not know that, that is... interesting. Still doesn't implicate anyone by itself obviously but someone should look in to this...