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You think children are too stupid to know they're being told rubbish?

12 years of brainwashing convinces most, though.

They won't say so and let adults believe what they want, because any other stance would not be to their advantage. A 9y old knows very well which way the wind blows, but she sure as hell won't let any adult know what she thinks, unless with really good parents.


I say she because boys take more time, and not because they're dumb, but because they can. Girls need to know what's what much earlier.

Agreed. However, female socialization sometimes works against them. They feel additional pressure to conform.

Generally, females have a better understanding than makes about of how power actually works.

This is probably because females are generally more oppressed than males.

It's worth mentioning that females develop more rapidly than males. Physically and socially.

This can be and advantage or a disadvantage; depending upon the degree of fairness, justice, and economic security that is available in the females development.