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Heck yeah.. the democrat party is splitting. US Jews have always been at the forefront of US anti-Zionism, a great reason to not stereotype all Jews about anything.

Make Israel A Partisan Issue

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They have also been at the forefront of US Zionism. Obviously jews are going to be the most partisan about issues relating to Israel.

But if you want to stop fighting wars for Israel you should realize that you are going to end up arguing with a lot of Jews to do it, who will call you antisemitic for claiming that US military force should only be used for things that are likely to become threats domestically. No more taking out Sadam. No more escalation with Iran.

You will be called an antisemite for being a decent person and not escalating war.

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It seems we'll only have to argue with Jews in office, but not not so much with the Jewish population at large. You're right, it's no easy thing, but some of these stats are really encouraging.