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I think understanding how information is manipulated in social media sites is the key to figuring out how powerful people keep their plans in secret. This video is about how huge media sites like Facebook are manipulated.

It's a former Facebook executive talking about the way he and others basically sought to destroy the level of discourse online by turning people into dopamine addicts.

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It's no secret that Facebook sells user data to advertisers and then allow them to create astroturf accounts that feed emotional based memes to users that quickly are shared. The control is actually leased out to the "advertisers". Facebook only wants greater wealth. They don't really care who brings it to them until it raises red PR flags. Then they apologize and do it all again, slighly differently.

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Let’s talk about how this empowers women.

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let ne tell you i have seen so women turned into nuggers and godless shameless sluts by the media

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do you even live in America?

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This guy is a PSYCHOPATH. Love him too...totally lovable dude.

But holy fuck. Doesn't know how to 'turn off' his drive for more money? I mean it's cool if you can't turn off your drive for masturbation, drinking, drugs. Cool if you can't turn off your Netflix addiction or your love for donuts, cheesecake and Skittles.

But you 'don't know' how to turn-off your love for money? My God Dude. That's the driving force of this Earth (as you yourself claimed). Don't you think you should question how you're gonna turn that off before you go positing yourself @ Stanford Business School?

Talk about patience. This Dude needs to jerk off and smoke until he figures out how to turn shit off. Stop doing anything.

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"By insurance men who go, check to see that nobody is escaping from Desolation Row."

Also, very good friend just denied me a sweatshirt because he didn't have insurance on it. All programmers, all of you.

Very disturbing and exhausting.