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Problem with your comments is you don't source anything. So, I have to go looking for everything you claim. Wikipedia would certainly have some of this info on his Jesuit afiliations, but the term Jesuit is not mentioned once. I did find this same exact post, on a reddit sub called Rome rules. Again, the comment isn't sourced. So, I don't believe anything you say, unless you source where you've obtained this information.

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You should check Romerules itself further. They usually have everything sourced. When it comes to my post, you just have to look for who was Wlodimir Ledóchowski.

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Okay, so I'll post some things in my research today about Kalergi and Rome. Keep in mind the Jesuits opposed the traditionalist RCC. The church loathed the Jesuits who came fromt Jewish converso merchants and have sort of a hellenistic, futurist approach to world rule, much different than the traditionalist Catholic stance. Presently, the church has been hijacked by them.

I have the research and I'll post soon. Rome in no doubt has a tremendous amount of influence.

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Yes. The influence that they have in the church is pretty damn weird. I would compare it with the different types of ranks in freemasonry in the way it has different symbolism depending on how up you are. The different types of gnosticism in Christianism are pretty crazy and they are the hidden hand behind most of them. I think that's the reason behind all of the "pedo priest" cases.