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I haven’t seen a single Trump supporter who supports increased gun laws. Trump doesn’t support it either. He knows what side his bread is buttered on.

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The banning of bumpstocks, proposals of red flag laws/Baker Act and teh TAP's act, his red army speech a week ago, and his proposals to take the guns away before due process. Trump is a faux conservative.

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Maybe he does. Maybe he doesn’t. TAPS act, he probably supports. Red Flag laws, he maybe supports. But he also said he’d build a wall. I’m not saying anything nice about him but we’ll see what happens.

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He does. He's a globalist plant, playing the role of a nationalist. His role is to sow division w/ help from the media, both on the corporate left and corporate right. We are in the ideological subverting, demoralized stage of the economic transformation, which will occur no later than 2030. All planned in Rockefeller's Prospect for America. The goal has been to incite other nations, so that the BRIC alliance, appear to be at odds with the unipolar world. They will then collapse the old system of unipolarism for the new and improved system of multilateralism.

The US will then be the largest welfare sttate to ever exist. That's always been the goal. Pulling out of NATO is another goal of the Rockefeller's prospect which puts faith in china's nationalism and Russia's diplomacy, rather than US imperialism.

That way Russia and China will completely take over the energy market of Europe, as well as Israel who has a stake in the Belt Road Initiative.