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Just curious, but where did you get this information? The war between China and Japan shows no signs of slackening after seventy-five years so it's better to show our sources.

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“Tests in China” lololol. We wanted to kill Americans so we had to test it on a few million Chinese first.

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Well, we all know the government along with the military have worked in order to do nasty things everywhere. This is an interesting case involving the Japanese military and the US.

The Japanese military planned an operation which would have released bubonic plague-carrying fleas in order to attack California. A lot of people died in China and the US government agreed to grant immunity and cover up the project in exchange for the data of the project.

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Uh, Okay, here is a half-assed history of Japan that is surprisingly close to correct. The more accurate histories of Japan are so f-ing boring that no one has even read them but we can definitely say that no country has ever emerged from a feudal to a full-on capitalist economy soo damn fast. Also in 1902 Japan kicked Russia's ass reeeeal good and after that people whispered to each other, "Watch out for Japan...and their women are like world-class." I know, I know, but you're going to have to take my (omnipotent) :) word on it. Now, where was I?

More available but you will have to beg for it.

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Also in 1902 Japan kicked Russia's ass reeeeal good and after that people whispered to each other

they did not do it alone little do many people know Nippon had britain on their side helping them

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Whoah. I am open to the possibility. Let us remain civil while I zhizzle my jizzle—I mean do some research. I've never heard that England helped Japan in the Russo-Japanese War but I'm open to the possibility. I am not trying to doxx you but having your opinion would probably limit your location to four or five countries in the world. I'm not asking you to tell us which one. If you can give any sources for your beliefs, that would help. Are you saying the operation was called Sakura to Yoru?

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One thing I believe is true is that British Intelligence was active in Asia as far back as the 1800s and Russia was one potential enemy of England. It was called "the Great Game" by England and Rudyard Kipling, a Mason, was one possible agent. Kipling spent many years in India and possibly Nepal. (How many? I must check.) (This may be irrelevant to your beliefs.)

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Well, we all know the government...

Which government? Japanese? US? Or both?

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It is interesting that you posted about Operation Cherry Blossoms and Night at the same time South Korea announced trade restrictions against Japan and Japan issued travel advisories for its citizens traveling to S Korea. Just a coincidence.