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Do you think the focus is drawn away purposely from the Epstein document dump as well? I can't determine if the suicide timed well for less attention to the documents, or if the document dump was to keep researching individuals occupied and away from other issues. Friday was all "Epstein docs" and Saturday was "Clinton's killed Epstein" on the internet, now there isn't much chatter about those documents.

On a side note, it would be fun to develop an internet quiz that determines one's mental hygiene. Scale from 1-10, 10 being too conforming to the point of psychopathy and 1 being schizophrenic heroin mule...

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Definitely his connections to Mossad and Maxwell and Tel Aviv. The media basically demoralizing people at this point. I don't really know for sure but the corporate media's relentless focus on Epstein and the unnamed sources they use, I'd say to question the narrative and look at what they are ignoring.

The more men/women believe the lies on the TV the more it becomes our reality. The alchemical psychodrama being played out via the videodrome protrays a different reality then most actually live.

False realities created by illusion realize (v.) 1610s, "bring into existence,"

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"bring into existence,"

The correct counter to all of this, imo, is an ice age.

That's what all of the memetic wizards that I know have been focusing on for the last decade.

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All I know is while everyone is talking about Epstein again, and thr media is relentlessly propagandizing the Epstein narrative, red flag gun laws will pass in Congress, probably mental hygiene laws, and baker act laws, and the TAPs Act. THINK, when the zionist neocons and their goy zionists and neoconservative trotskyites, and Likud party terrorists (originated from LEHI and IRGUN terror groups) planned the demolitiom of the WTC complex, orchestrated the anthrax attacks to try to blame on Muslims by writing 9/11/01, and death to America, death to Israel on the letters with anthrax viles, the Zionist controlled media completely ignored all the unconstitutional laws being passed in the wake of the false flags and memory-holed their many articles linking hijackers to the anthrax attacks. This is happening write now, but at a smaller scale. Also, two anthrax letter went out to the two congressmen that were skeptical to pass the patriot act, hmmmm. As if muslims would do this because they wanted military tribunals, and the suspension of the constitution through COG, lol. That's excluding the fact the anthrax was highly sophisticated and could not have been created by al Qaeda. The Anthrax attacks was one of the most eye opening false flags that has been completely ignored by media ever since they almost exposed themselves. That's when my eyes really opened up to what the media really was.

I also just thought about something. The false flag in Tasmania where Martin Bryant a 60IQ patsy was blamed for a shooting, so that Australia could ban assault weapons. Well, the prime minister said, I'm slightly paraphrasing here: we have to do this, they tell us we have no choice, they tell us we have to do it.

Who is telling the prime minister this? There seems to be something much, much bigger and baster in scope than the agendas of a figurehead in government. Whatever it is, they cannot stand self-sustainability, and continue to pass laws that curb freedom, liberty and privacy in place of so called security.

Also, yhe first persons to ever mention an anthrax attack by muslims after 9/11 was Donald, the father and Bill Kristol, neoconservative zionists. Problem is they screwed up the double perpetraor narrative, blaming Iraq and Al Qaeda and had to revert back to domestic lonewolf. They also, (LITERALLY SOME OF THE FIRST ARTICLES concerning the anthrax attacks) were blamed by Jewish Zionist propgandists writing for WALPO and Fox News on neonazis and white supremeacists. Turned out to be more lies. Maybe the new boogeyman is white people and domestic terrorism.

The media is all bunk anyway and I'm glad people are waking up in mass, but Trump was able to sweep up some well meaning conservatives into siding with Fox News by using his faux antagonist media retoric; all theater. Even Tucker Carlson who shilled for Iraq and now everyone idolizes him, was good friends with the Kristols and wrote for their neocon newspaper in the 90's. Classical liberals and conservatives need to come together and call out both sides. Stop voting for these bafoons, and smash your TV.

What's in the documents? Who dumped them, do you know? Is it mushy stuff?

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Do you think the focus is drawn away purposely from the Epstein document dump as well?


This shit threatens all people connected to Epstein. The dude rigged million dollar lotteries while in prison - what else could he get away with?