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Where I live the age for consentment is 14, because it was never changed from back when whites first colonized here some 485 years ago. So in that sense, you are right, it seems that historically, if not biologically, 14 is the start of the age of reproduction.

However, giving in to every base instinct does not make you "RIGHT" either. In other words it's not because 14 is a fertile age that you need to seek out 14-year-olds as a priority for SEX. We're not talking about MARRYING which is what it was back then, or REPRODUCTION. Just... fucking.

But pedophilia is not just a 30-year-old doing a 17-year-old ermahgawsh he a peedewfile.


Pedophilia is VERY SICK INDIVIDUALS that are 40, 50, 60, or more and want to FUCK CHILDREN. 12, 10, 8, 6, 5, 2 year olds. Yes, this has happened. Even younger victims have been recorded, I am sure.

So it goes WAY BEYOND your conception of an "instinct of a healthy mate". It is abject in the purest sense of the word. Look it up, it's worth it.

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don't feel like you alone in thinking a 16 year old is hot, or even a 12 year old, we are biologically programmed to fuck them as soon as possible. Don't fall for the pedo psyop, I'm not saying it's right to use or fuck someone that age but it's not wrong to lust over it. So stop shooting up my people bc you feel disgusted by it, your just human.

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BTW you don't need help, you just need to talk to women your own age. Trust me that your instincts will kick in and it will all be in the past. If you have this problem, pm me, totally confidential, no judgement, I know what the issue is and can actually help without judgement.

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What if someone wanted to have sex with a 9 years old kid?

Don't reply me, I feel dirty about it.