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Walmart is a private corporation. I guarantee that they do not hand over surveillance footage without a subpoena. They are going to be sued by everyone who was injured or killed. They are protecting their corporation. When they get sued, the will ensure the judge puts a gag order in all proceedings so no plaintiffs lawyers release video.

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That may be true but the shooting was an exercise nonetheless. A obvious one with terrible crisis management participants. Some couldn't even keep a straight face when talking about a young kid dying in front of them. They seemed nonchalant like they lit up a cig.

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That's a good point. Plenty of cameras for shoplifters, but nothing from the shooter

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Imagine I'm outside your head and haven't followed the thought process that made you write the words you did, in the order you did.

Could you try explaining your case again?

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Okay, do you believe they conduct exercises and pass them off as real via media broadcast? Have you heard of UK Critical Thnker?

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do you believe they

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why not scare the sh*t out of people w/ gruesome footage? Bc they can’t! It doesn’t exist. They fake exercises

hollywood and cgi to the rescue then of course again the satanists in office can always find human sacrifice corpses as props

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They're luciferians, Jews, and Catholics in office. It's not really about religion as it is about control and deception. Also, they don't use human sacrafice as corpses or props in these fake events.