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meanwhile the other side say: REEEEEEEE

Can you provide any examples of the OP image's statement? It sounds pretty damning, but if it is unfounded, then its just slander.

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I see you've started right at the top with "He didn't say that."

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I think you'll find that

"can you provide evidence?"

is a long way from "he didn't say that".

One is a question, the other a statement.

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Just go onto the doanld and see what people are saying about his red army speech the other day. Not every conservative is falling for it though.

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I haven't seen the 'red army' speech yet. Been staying away from the swamp to focus on family

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Well you should because he's the figurehead.

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he's the president, i believe.

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But a figurehead nonetheless.

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tu quoque fallacy

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first bit was a joke, retard.

'i can't into thought' fallacy. tq doesn't even fit, since 'reeeeeeeeee' doesn't equate with the original accusations against trump supporters anyway.

your logical fallacy is: "look, over there!" diversion

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This is standard behavior for both sides.

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Of course it is, but whataboutism will not fix anything. Trump's speech a few days ago was egregious. He proposed things that the Soviet Union would and did sign into law.

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You're welcome to read my post on his speech. It's a slow process, a slow chipping away of your rights, and to do it with a faux conservative, faux populist, who claims he's a nationalist and also an internationalist is also telling.

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I agree 'Billy also does this' doesn't excuse yourself.

Though the Soviet Union didn't propose, they imposed.

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If you call out both side for it then I agree with you. I'm so used to dealing with folks that only see the faults in their opposing party that I get suspicions of these kind of posts.

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I do, in all my posts. Both sides are working together for the same masters.

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Very much so, and I hate it!

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Trump is the guy -if he got caught by his wife fucking a chick in his own bed- he would say "i was a sleep, she must have been a burglar and see me sleeping and decided to fuck me while i was a sleep, i diddent noticed/know it because i was a sleep i just woke up because of you screaming, serious why would i do this, serious. It might look as if was awake and enjoying this, but then i must be sleepfucking and dreaming of you, because i was a sleep, serious why would i do that

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Or as Eddie Murphy would say, “Wasn’t me.”

“Well, I’m supposed to be a fool, right?”

“Wasn’t me.”

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lol o jeh i remember"OEOEOEOEOOEEOEE"

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It be that way, tho.

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I believe some Trump opposers said that Trump was the inspiration for the shooter when he really wasn't too, IIRC.

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Considering the shooter is part of a drill, and nobody died, it makes both Trump's actions and proposals all the more egregious. That the left backfires at his distractory rhetoric, whilst also proposing egregious proposals makes it all the more obvious that everything else is just political theater that manufactures consent on both the left and especially the right.

These are merely table-top exercises -- under The National Exercise Program (NEP) and their sub-branches who work to bring in privavte security contractors to write the drill script for the media and participants. Despite the surface look of the programs they conduct ans the preparedness drills they conduct via contract, the full-community Table-top hyper-active exercises, with gag-orders placed and national security clauses signed by participants with aid from FEMA, DHS and private contractors is the dirty work they conduct behind the scenes. One of their goals and they admit to it is to affect policy, priorities and fiscal decisions.

The full table-top exercises that they do conduct with media involvement are often written by private crisis management companies such as Obsidian, now Cadmus, G4S, etc.


  1. Deception objective (enact more restrictive civilian disarmament legislation, Baker and mental hygiene laws, increase fear and instability to open up niche market for defense and school security contracts and increase means for mass surveillance locally.)

  2. Deception target (Primary target: State and federal legislature; Secondary target: Public)

  3. Desired perception (anyone who owns a gun is a potential public menace, truth seekers, dissidents, so called conspiracy theorists -- stated in new FBI report)

  4. Deception story (Shooter narrative, and every stupid theory they create on controlled alternative news networks such as the multiple shooter theory)

  5. Tentative deception means (drill presented as real-world event).

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and they pushed 8ch totally underground even though the admins deleted the bait post there within 9 minutes.

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Yeah they are dumb for not seeing that the whole office is a puppet theater

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That is both funny and sad.

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This was my FALLACY bait post. Although, I agree somewhat with this meme if persons myopically identity with a party or idol despite his or her obvious skullduggery, whther it be Trump or Obama or whoever.

This post was more to see if it would get to the top and it did. I find that well written posts with arguments seldom rise, not due to saidit but human nature.

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Congrats, man. You did it. This is one of the best discussion I've on saidit yet.

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The urge to troll is hard to resist, especially when many users fail to engage using the pyramid. I've had a large number of conversations where the other participant failed to engage with any of the debate points, in order to 'win'

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why are you even wasting time typing to random ass accounts

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back at you, genius

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What is that suppose to mean, Troy? Are you bob's father? Or are you a shill? Your comment is bizarre.

New account, posting low bait, non pyramid of debate comments, you seem like a shill to me.

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all fallacies too.

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There have been many times someone claimed a specific politician or such said something. When you actually look it up you tend to find people have a way of bending the truth to conform to their biases.

Let's not let the reddit circle jerk continue here. Maybe make some informed criticisms that actually hold weight.

While not a trump supporter myself (or any US president for that matter) I find it funny how they're constantly attacked for doing the same thing Obama supporters did. Like wise, trump is attacked for a lot of the same things Obama did.

Both sides end up looking pretty childish.

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It was a bait post, and you made a great post, thanks. Totally agree with you.