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Don't forget the Zionists. Most of the Chairmen and directors are Zionists. Plus, our CIA has been hijacked since 2001 by Zionists. The CIA isn't the old republicans that they once were, they are neoconservatives, like James Woolsey.

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Show me evidence that the Jews control the CIA. Having a Jew in an irrelevant position doesn't count...

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The media pushed the neoconservative Zionist lie for 10 years. Zionists control the media. Maybe not the CIA, though, there were neoconservative CIA agents. And Jesuits have been Jews. No doubt, they promote futurism and I have researched Jesuits recently, and will post about certain Jesuits soon, because many are Catholic Jews, yah, weird.

Schlesinger (February 2, 1973–July 2, 1973) - Jew; Schlesinger raised awareness of the peak oil issue and supports facing it. In the keynote speech at a 2007 conference hosted by the Association for the Study of Peak Oil in Cork, Schlesinger said that oil industry executives now privately concede that the world faces an imminent oil production peak. In his 2010 ASPO-USA keynote speech, Schlesinger observed that the Peak Oil debate was over. He warned of political inaction as a major hindrance, like those in Pompeii before the eruption of Mount Vesuvius.

William E. Colby (September 4, 1973–January 30, 1976) - Catholic

George H.W. Bush (January 30, 1976–January 20, 1977) - Catholic, supposedly, but wrote noahide laws into law, supported Neocon Zionist agenda

Adm. Stansfield Turner, U.S. Navy (March 9, 1977–January 20, 1981) - Christian

William J. Casey (January 28, 1981–January 29, 1987) - Jesuit/Catholic

William H. Webster (May 26, 1987–August 31, 1991) - Not sure, Lutheran?

Robert M. Gates (November 6, 1991–January 20, 1993) - Catholic

R. James Woolsey (February 5, 1993–January 10, 1995) - Jewish Neocon

John M. Deutch (May 10, 1995–December 15, 1996) - Jewish Neocon

George J. Tenet (July 11, 1997–July 11, 2004) - Catholic

Porter J. Goss (September 24, 2004–May 26, 2006) - Zionist

Gen. Michael V. Hayden, U.S. Air Force (May 30, 2006–February 13, 2009) - Not Sure?

Leon E. Panetta (February 13, 2009–June 30, 2011) - No sure? Catholic/Jesuit

Gen. David Petraeus, U.S. Army (September 6, 2011–November 9, 2012) - Catholic, who stated that he does the bidding of the Neocons who are Zionists.

John Brennan (March 8, 2013–January 20, 2017) - I believe a Catholic

Mike Pompeo (January 23, 2017–April 26, 2018) - Neocon Zionist

Gina Haspel (May 21, 2018– ) - Jew, Zionist

They all work together, I agree, that many Jesuit trained Catholics are involved, as well as Zionist neoconservatives, but the media 24/7 is promoting the Zionist agenda. And the directors of the MEDIA, are mostly Zionists. Not Jesuit trained catholics. Likely they are fed information from the CIA. Nevertheless, they both work together.

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I never said Jews. You seem angry, you probably should calm down. James Woolsey and John Deutch were directors of the CIA, both Zionists, and yes they are Jews, but I never claim all Jews, and both are Neoconservatives. Almost all the directors for the corporate news programs are Zionists. So, yes, the CIA and Jesuit trained catholics might be pulling the strings, drip feeding prepackaged propaganda to the news when need be, but there are many private entities doing jsut this, not jsut the CIA, that includes many Zionists organizations.

The papacy and Zionists work together.

I cannot help you dude. It takes a mere 10minutes to look on the CFR membership list or go through each wikipedia page on the shareholders and News corporations to see who the directors and chariman of these corporations are. They are Jews, and almost always Zionists. There are probably Jesuits mixed in too/

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Jews are openly discriminated against in the CIA, so It's safe to say that the media is for the most part controlled by the Jesuits and their apprentices:

Such a lie. In the 30's to the early 60's yes, Jews were. But considering that many CIA directors were neoconservative Jews through the 90's and conducted a policy coup in teh US, serving the interests of Israel and the Zionists, yea, no.

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John Deutch a neocon ZIonist and Director of the CIA, gutted the old republicans in the already corrupt CIA, leaving only Zionists around him.

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All the 20th Century Fox Studios were sold to Disney so you might want to move those down to the Disney corner. Just not the news and sports networks. Rupert kept those. And, for now, the land.