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The products of Bayer/Monsanto have caused many health problems in the past so we should know how it tries to cover its tracks.

Monsanto paid a shadowy chemical industry front group to help push back against the mounting scientific evidence that the company’s signature Roundup weedkiller causes cancer, court documents reveal.

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A few years ago a Monsanto shill on reddit offered me a job working for Monsanto online.

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I’ve seen articles about things like this in the past but they usually get swept under the rug pretty quickly. I wonder if anything like this might come out again.

Like when there was that huge article about all the drone pilots but there are still plenty of drones.

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I don't know if they had been tracking me for a while or it was a one-off but after arguing civilly for a few exchanges he/she/the bot made the offer. I just ignored it and after a few more exchanges the conversation ended. The offer was clear but with no details since I was clearly not interested. The time frame would have been about 2015, the date mentioned in the article.

When dealing with Israeli matters I found that in at least two cases an extended debate ended with my interlocutor saying words to the effect that: I'm an Israeli schoolboy and am just expressing what I've been told, so as to evoke sympathy on my part. Was it someone or a bot at Mossad Unit 8200? I don't know. I never waste my time like that nowadays and neither has this kind of shill/bot appeared on Saidit yet unless their techniques are much more sophisticated and subtle now, as I expect they are.

I suppose others have had similar experoences.

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That is odd. I’d almost just dismiss that as someone larping. I’d been thinking of an article where they talked to actual Americans who were actually employed by companies like Monsanto but shockingly I’m not seeing it.

I did a quick search and came up with this article:

Which describes the industry in general.

And this article:

In which DISH openly admits to doing it.

Interesting, none of the articles are more recent than 2013.

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Yes, I meant to include the larping possibility but didn't. If I had expressed interest in the job offer it would clearly have made my position weaker. Now I'll read your links.