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I sent you a couple links a week or so ago. Unless, it was a different person on Saidit. Just duckduckgo, the ABC video. They even had a Panda bear positioned beside them to annoy pizzagate researchers. The alleged brother could not stop smerking.

If he was their IT administrator. That's very different from hacking.

Do we know this?

Do you think that the DNC wanted to start pizzagate?

Yes and no. It was a demoralization campagin. I think it wasn't specifically the DNC but people much higher up. Likely those involved in PSYOP campaigns. It was more a distraction than anything else. And it trumped up Trump to win.

That is real, and incriminates folks all the way up to the $65,000 in hotdogs purchased for Obama's White House "party".

yes, and nothing came of it. It was a demoralization campaign. I researchered Pedogate for qutie sometime. Half the researchers that showed their faces turned out to be gatekeepers and pedophiles themselves. And Alefantis was 100% an agent, he's attended Lynn Rothschild home party and they are all obsessed with pedophilia. It's all their but not much else.

Fake News was created in its place, and then Trump latched on to that term and now people think it actually means something. As if Trump is the antagonist of the corproat e news networkds when it is all political theater.

Do you think all of that was fake?

No, but it was a coordinated campagin, not by the Russian government but by some entity, probably a sponsor of wikileaks in the state department or DoD where perception management originated from. The theatrics of it was fake, the information was mostly real, but it was suppose to be. It was a demoralization campaign in which nothing really came of it.

My question is, we know wikileaks released it but who really supossedly leaked it? Do we have evidence for this, other than articles?

He was a media darling, and that never happens to leakers, so he has some elite support.

Yes, he was a host on RT. The CIA counter terrorism officer, a signatory of PNAC, I believe last name Moofey or something like that, and a avid neoconservative with ties to Pearle, Feith and all the neocon criminals is a regular host at RT.

I think world politics is theatrical in nature. I believe money power has existed and seeped deep into the footing of society during the babylonian times. Money power back then, wasn't much different than now. What we have today is PSYOPs and fake political and international drama.