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So they "sprayed the sky"?
I thought it was about a shooting.

Anyway, what are the temperatures above the area? Low temperatures can cause condensation of humid air (from airplane engines), as well as many other factors. Even cosmic rays can cause clouds.

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Yo! Check out the radio podcast link in the comments above.

Sandyhook is a hoax. No one died.

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So, "chemtrails" cause bullets in school children?

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That's funny, but Far from it.

There was an attempt to cover up possible imagery of shootings that are claimed in the media, but in reality never happened.

No one died at Sandyhook.

It was a hoax to enforce gun control, and ban firearms.

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Like all the recent psyop mass shootings. It's pretty easy to tell thr difference between a real shooting from a drill psyop one. The worst was probably the fake Santa Fe shootingg with the kid who got shot theough his brain and was out of the hospital doing interviews on CNN.

Or Orlando meet the cast video banned everywhere, including bitchute, the controlled opposition video platform, that allows alt-right zionists and racists to spew their hatred but expose a psyop and the actors and mugshot criminals involved, bye, bye video.

Norman Casiano shot 4 times in the stomache and chest. Out of the hospital that day doing interviews on CNN 10 hours later. No wounds or bullet holes.

Angle COLON was injured at the gay night club shooting. Dr. LUBE was his doctor. See, even the psyop creators have a sense of humor.

Once the orlando shooting was exposed and the media was caught using 50 plus criminals with mugshots and high jail bonds as well as crappy actors, it became obvious to me that many of the ahootings since then are likely psyops as well. They don't have to kill people anymore. It is too messy, and angry moms will file lawsuits. Nobody wants that.

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They don't have to kill people anymore. It is too messy, and angry moms will file lawsuits. Nobody wants that.

Hoaxes are certainly preferable to actual massacres.

We have the Jersey Girls, and the 9/11 victims families to thank for that. Some are still relentlessly pursuing Justice.