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Thank God for Science:

Airplane trails, which are also called contrails, are simply artificial clouds that originate from the exhaust of an airplanes engines. Just like other clouds, airplane trails are composed of water, H2O, either in the form of water droplets (condensation) or ice crystals. The water originates from the combustion (i.e., burning) of airplane fuel (kerosene or gasoline), which also produces carbon dioxide (CO2). The same thing happens when you drive your car on a cold day. The cloud like mist or water droplets coming out of a vehicles exhaust pipe on a cold day is just the water produced from burning fuel in the engine. When it is cold, this water condenses from vapor (a gas) into a liquid in the form of clouds or droplets. That is why you can see car exhaust on cold days. On warm days, the water remains in the vapor (gaseous) state and is invisible, so you cannot see exhaust on hotter days.

Airplane contrails remain in the sky for the same reason that clouds stay in the sky. Clouds consist of water in the form of tiny liquid droplets and can either evaporate into an invisible gas (water vapor), which would cause the cloud to disappear, or can remain as droplets, which causes the cloud to stay there. Whether the water droplets that compose a cloud evaporate (and the cloud disappears) and how long the cloud remains before evaporating depends upon the relative humidity of the air. Relative humidity is a measure of how much water vapor is in the air compared to how much water vapor the air can hold. It is calculated by dividing the amount of water vapor in the air by the maximum amount of water vapor the air can hold.


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RB this is a surprising comment, because you seem far from foolish.

Are you seriously a coincidence theorist who believes everything that you're read???

Do you listen to the media when they say, " Don't believe your lying eyes."?


Yo... Even middle schoolers don't believe everything that the teachers say...

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Contrails can be recreated by any motorized aircraft at certain altitudes and conditions and was usually a big problem for aircraft as far back as World War II.

Look at that map. That is New York and Long Island and a huge chunk of Canada over a large body of water and you are telling me the contrails are made by mad scientists?

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No. They are made by aircraft.

However, when you add this to the insane mountain of evidence that is/was available it's beyond obvious that this was a PsyOp.

It's a fact.

There were few mass school shootings between theColumbine and Sandyhook events.

Then the frequency of mass shootings became almost yearly, or more.

What changed was the hoaxers and crisis actors got busy.

The crisis actors and hoaxes does sound to ridiculous to be legit, which works to their advantage.

This hoaxing is real.