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Contrails can be recreated by any motorized aircraft at certain altitudes and conditions and was usually a big problem for aircraft as far back as World War II.

Look at that map. That is New York and Long Island and a huge chunk of Canada over a large body of water and you are telling me the contrails are made by mad scientists?

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No. They are made by aircraft.

However, when you add this to the insane mountain of evidence that is/was available it's beyond obvious that this was a PsyOp.

It's a fact.

There were few mass school shootings between theColumbine and Sandyhook events.

Then the frequency of mass shootings became almost yearly, or more.

What changed was the hoaxers and crisis actors got busy.

The crisis actors and hoaxes does sound to ridiculous to be legit, which works to their advantage.

This hoaxing is real.

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I'll post the images this week. These are not ordinary contrails with water crystals. These are not flight paths of commercial or cargo planes listed in the flight traffic data.

I don't even believe in chemtrails because they don't exist as defined by controlled opposition truth seekers. Aerosol stratospheric spraying is a very real geoengineering operation. Sulphur and nanoparticles of various subtances are used. For gods sake even the washington post has drip fed us this narrative after lying about it for 10 plus years. There are also dozens of patents for various spraying techniques to camouflage land from satellites.