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While I think your alarm is mostly unfounded, because people can still use any currency they want including bitcoin cash..

I think you would have a fun time reading Revelation and what it says about the beast.

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You only write that because you don't understand that the global financial and monetary systems are in the process of collapsing entirely.

It might be cryptos, but if Libra gets the go-ahead, powered by the FB machine, nothing stands a chance. And then the boss of FB becomes world dictator, owner of all data and money.

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Let Facebook make their shitcoin. I won't be using it, and I'll be encouraging other people not to either, instead using it as an opportunity to discuss actual cryptocurrencies.

Now, if they start mandating its use then we have a problem. But I think the gov't will create their own crypto before that happens. I agree that there is movement towards a cashless society which is very dystopian, but this rant against Libra specifically seems a bit hyperbolic.

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To the guy laughing, why don't you post a comment so I can clear up the part you don't understand about this.

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I know it's not true. I don't think I'm alone in this, I can survive most anything, and I mean that; eat earth worms, drink my own piss, eat inner bark of the right trees, etc., and I mean it.

Yet, that's the extremes, Zuckerfuck cannot do anything more than the Faux Fiat Federal Reserve, and the Global banking conglomerates that are controlled. Yet, these conglomerates have yet, to conquer the human will, or willpower in the effectiveness of the alternative 'cash economy' which is still thriving.

Don't believe, do some business, and start asking companies about 'cash discounts', or 'what's your cash price, no receipt'.

Yep, it's reality, your turn.

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OK my turn, easy. Thanks.

The global financial system is in the process of collapsing.

Money was long factually worthless, but we've been treating it as having value. But now even THAT perceived value is disappearing. At some point VERY SOON, say, before the end of the year maybe, fiat currencies will be priced at fractions of pennies on the dollar.

Yes, I am talking about buying a steak for $1,000. Or $10,000. Or millions. The US Dollar, Euro, Yen, and so on, and so forth, are going to virtually ZE-RO. This is an unavoidable, unalienable fact. It's actually already done except for the part where they get priced fairly and their purchasing power is reflected in the economy. They can probably keep the status quo for a while longer, but not very long at all.

As such, there is no choice: some sort of digital currency for the digital totalitarian age must arise. Bitcoin? Ethereum? Monero? Some other thing? Libra?

My bet is, big banking gets in bed with the sucker of bergs and makes Libra the world's doom currency. But who knows, maybe someone with the brains to see this coming has both the will and the means to do something about it?

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I can totally see where you're coming from, and you know, you've got the right to delve down any direction, like anyone else. It's all good, and actually healthy, in that it may open up another sideline viewpoint, perhaps cause a 'brainstorm' in any given direction, perhaps the same as what you see.

My reservation in going all in regarding any absolute, is that I can remember from the early to mid 80's the 'dollar doom', that was there then, and all the way up to now. I do believe the system is so rigged, that when a 'collapse' comes, we'd better keep our spidey senses on high alert, as it will be planned.

As far as electronic currency that needs power to process, and hold it, my first thought would be Venezuela. It would be very difficult to maintain a control system where by many people don't have any food, let alone power to charge their electronic devices to process payments.

But LOL, look at the craziness in the world today, anything's possible.

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OH, I agree, they will let the collapse show itself when they choose to.

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I imagine it will make it a lot easier for people to move money around without paying fees to a company like Western Union. Given that the legislatures have been talking about applying penalties to people sending remittances out of the country, it makes sense that a big tech company would want to thwart any limitations.

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When somebody writes "the country" on an international platform like VOAT, we instantly know who's talking. An individual who thinks there is only one country that matters. Only their country. An American.