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(1:04:48) Motherfucking levitation building, yes.

(1:09:52) Map of motherfucking Lemuria and Mu... and by know we know these people aren't fucking kidding.

(1:10:49) NO Ancient Aliens!!!

"It was decided about 17 million years ago to build an organization and a headquarters for the mysteries" (Shows pyramids)


"Can we expect more visits from the mighty ones OR ARE THEY ALREADY HERE?"

(1:12:13) Uh... lemme guess. The "MIGHTY ONES" names are "rothschild" "pedobear" and "murderface"? Fuck off with this shit.

"The masters of the wisdom and the adepts of Shambala have possession of the secret knowledge that lays behind the ancient lost technologies such as pyramid building, lasers and anti gravity flying craft"

(1:13:10) Why do I just feel threatened?

"Externalization of the hierarchy"

(1:14:39) Hello Alice Bailey, didn't know you were so... manly.

"Who are walking among humanity"

(1:14:50) I see

"Re institution of the mystery schools, participate in group mediation and prepare themselves as candidates"

(1:15:00) This isn't sounding so good...

"Secret adepts who can manipulate matter and bend it to their will"

(1:15:30) So like, lying to people and making them do shit for you? I mean, it's not untrue.. magic exists: you all still go to work. Or maybe there is more, who knows....

(1:19:00) Get hype, mystery music and gifs!!! I gots da truth!!

"We will explore the importance of Britain the United States and Brazil as a triangle of nations preparing us for the sixth root race ... and in 2025 the reappearance of the masters of wisdom for the first time since those ancient atlantean days ... and the expansion of human consciousness will go steadily forwards"

(1:22:13) Uh... yay?

"Something something dead alien souls"

(1:32:00) Scientology?

"The profane"

(Literally can't remember where I heard it, I'm not watching this whole thing a second time, sorry guys) - **That's you, listen to how the narrator says it, almost with venom.

Sorry guys, I can't do it anymore. Watch the rest of this on your own, I did.

As far as I am concerned, anyone involved in this film must be suspect, as this is basically a LIFTING/promotion of Blavatsky/Bailey/Leadbeater et al