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I think they stopped because the magazine/print media industry is dead because the internet killed it. The idea this is due to some kind of cultural backlash is a silly narrative imo

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Yes I think it's probably got more to do with the rise of digital media. I love Mad Magazine but the last time I bought one was 1999.

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True. I can't even remember the last time I bought any magazine. I think it's been literally 15 years at the least.

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While I’ll agree that while the sissy generation (the few loud people in America and on Twitter) are making somewhat of a dent in today’s media including comedy, printed material such as magazines are an obsolete method of media today. The fact newspaper publications are going closing down at least their print divisions are more than enough fact this type of media is obsolete. I haven’t bought a newspaper in at least a couple of decades, and I get ALL of my news online. MAD magazine is unfortunately no exception, and I remember the good ol’ years back in the day of reading that magazine.