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I think the CIA is the organization that has the biggest influence over the media. This is a good background of how the news business got infiltrated by it.

Operation Mockingbird was a large-scale program of the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) that began in the early 1950s and attempted to manipulate news media for propaganda purposes. It funded student and cultural organizations and magazines as front organizations.

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Thanks Hibiki, great post. Love the information density and clarity you offer.

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I agree but as of recent there has been political strife between so called 'conservative realists' in the CIA, usually WASPS, and the New Neoconservative Israel hard-liners, mostly Jews. Between the 1920's through thr 60's Jews were basically barred from attaining any notable position in CIA due to concerns, paranoia or not, of Soviet, communist and Israeli ties. This can be further observed via the concern John F. Kennedy had regarding Israel nuclearization, the growing foothold AIPAC had on US congress and the CIA, Operation Northwoods as well as the Mob, which was comprised of many Russian mafia oligarchs who favored Israel.

This all changed after JFK's death. Presently, The CIA does work hand in hand with the ADL, which has covertly co-sponsored terrorism as has the CIA. The neocon hardliners who are neither conservative nor new have effectively hijacked our foreign policy and a large piece of CIA intelligence since the late stages of Clinton's presidency.

Who is censoring the internet and creating newguard and other propganda outlets? It certainly is the CIA but those behind it, are neotrotskyites. The CIA isn't censoring anti-christian memes, they are censoring anyone who questions Zionism, Israel policies policies, 9/11, Judaism, specifically chabad Lubavitch Judaism.

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They are Catholic agents that work for the Jesuits. Willian Donovan was a knight of malta and a good part of the directors of the CIA have all been Catholics/apprentices of the Jesuits.

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Bella Dodd already extensively documented marxist subversion in the catholic church which became the purple mafia. The Jesuits are probably the worst offenders. I doubt trad Catholics like the SSPX are represented in the CIA so I'm not really sure what you're trying to say by sidestepping /u/jesus 's truths about jewish neocons in the CIA.

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I wrote about Bela Dodd recently in regards to HBlack and have a much longer post that I posted elsewhere concerning the neocons. I also have a post about Jesuits, Freemasons and crypto-Jews and I'm compiling recent information on todays Jesuits, many of whom are Jews who promote futurism, secularization and humanism, contrary to the old ways of the Catholic Church. Today, many of the jesuits are Jews subverting or if you want to look at it in a positive way, secularizing the Church. Zionism controls the US. Jews have subverted the conservative realist CIA which was already corrupt to begin with but now the CIA serves different purposes which includes the interests of Israel and the cult of Chabad. There was a policy coup in the US conducted by trotskyite neconservative Zionists, many with Dual-Israeli citizenship who also work hand in hand with Google, Silicon valley and the ADL. These are the people that are the enemy of the constitution, that nobody wants to talk about because you'll get the antisemite canard. (For example, Kushner and Trump give millions of dollars to Chabad Lubavitch Judaic Cult, Kushner is a member, Chabad wants the NOAHIDE LAWS put into US LAW, they already were though under George H.W. Bush, however, they would only be enacted if martial law was imposed. These laws would allow them to decapitate anyone who believes Jesus to be the Messiah. These are real laws.)

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I wrote about Beela Dodd recently too in regards to HBlack. I also have a post about Jesuits, Freemasons and cryptoJews.

Awesome I look forward to reading it. I have your profile saved and even though I don't spend as much time on saidit as I do reddit I enjoy jumping over here just to read some of your comments/posts.

today, many of the jesuits are Jews subverting or if you want to look at it, secularizing the Church

Yup and this goes back to the founding of the Jesuit order. Weren't several of their founders conversos?

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The thing is though, the Jesuits were largely a Christian movement for hundreds of years, it was the slow infiltration that subverted them. They now have subverted the Church. Look at the Evangelist Chruch, to see how that too has been subverted by Judaism and Zionism through the Scofield bible and neotrotskyite propaganda, i.e, if you do not support Zionism God will destroy the US. Freemasons, however, have always practiced Judaic mysticism. Their rituals, which can easily be found online, such as on the website GLOBALGREYBOOKS, depict Solomons Temple and the Kabbalah. There's also a great book, I'll have to find it, its from the 19th century, illustrating how the Jesuits and Freemasons have the same end goal agenda, just different ways of accomplishing the goal. Members of the Jesuits and Freemasons often talked to one another in secret, sharing similar vested interests.

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And do not be afraid to copy and post my posts on reddit. I was banned a dozen times so I left reddit for good.

As for the Jesuits, read this book, I believe you can download it via pdf, I've read most of it and it's markedly interesting...

It was largely a Christian movement and there were anti-converso eras and pro-converso times when a crypto-Jewish elite took control, however, after 1946, (which this book unfortunately does not talk about) is when the Jesuits became pro-converso, and thusly, the society has been subverted.

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Not several but dozens were, and this continued for quite sometime until teh anti-converso policies. Today, however, there are many crypto-Jews in the Jesuit order. They for many centuries were barred from the Church because several popes thought they were tring to infiltrate it and secularize the teachings of Christianity.

If we look at the Catholic Church today, fronted by a Jesuit we can see that it is nothing but anti-christ. Vatcan 2 was also aided by many Jews, several who were Chabad Lubavitchers. The cult that Kushner is a member of.