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Hi dude, glad to see you here!

Yeah, the reason why I'm following Russian politics is because I'm curious if Russia could end up gaining more influence in Europe because of the coming financial crisis and if the US and Israel are defeated in the coming war.

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Thanks! For sure, I'm curious (and tend to think so) that Saudi Arabia will flip and start working with China. There have been some recent news with regards to that relationship, which would be the bigget blow to the Petro Dollar IMO.

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"... to counter a rising China, which the new defense strategy identifies as undermining an international world order in place for decades."
I would agree that this world order is American hegemony and the petro dollar. It seems on many fronts that it will be replaced as the global currency, and as American interests are so tied up with the dollar it would lead to potential war, based on actions taken in the past.
To add to that, it's been a long time coming.
From Nov 2011

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Yes! The best news I've seen in years. Hopefully we can avoid the whole WWIII thing though.

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Without the Petro Dollar arrangement our currency will eventually collapse. It will probably take decades, but it will be a slow transition of wealth from the US to the rest of the world. This what the globalists want. We all need to be more equal before we all agree to blur country lines. Plus, if there is a nuclear exchange, on really any level, sheeple will be more apt to go along with a one government to stop it from ever happening again. In addition, population reduction!!! It’s actually quite a clever charade.