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I think we need to go deeper than where people went to school, and try to connect upper management to either the Rothschilds or current Jesuit institutions or Jesuit Uber elites.

And I generally hate romerules for turning this into a binary choice. Lots of things changed at the Vatican II conference in the 60s?

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I know V_A has something of a temper. But he does it because he is worried about the usual anti-semitic memes spreading because he sees them as Jesuit propaganda. I myself don't agree with him when it comes to some WWII events, the Jews were over represented in many communists revolutions, some of them were responsible for splitting Germany apart after WWI which caused the German hyperinflation and I have already written a bible explaining how the Holocaust didn't happen. I've noticed even V_A being impressed by these posts of mine. But the point is his heart is in the right place. What we know so far proofs the Jesuits control 3 out of the 4 biggest banks in the world. They were involved in the creation of communism and National Socialism and a lot of the far right and far left Caudillos of WWI and WWII were somehow related, or even apprentices of the Jesuits. They made the usual anti-semitic myths popular with their writtings. They control the CIA, which has the biggest influence over the media and there are Catholics and apprentices of the Jesuits that control the biggest companies in the world.

The only missing link is to find out just how deep their control over these people really goes. The only way to find out how do those students and Catholics are truly agents of the Jesuits is to investigate each one individually to find Jesuit connections. But if we assume the Jesuits truly control those Catholics, then their wealth would truly go beyond whatever the Rothschilds and the Italian oligarchs truly have.

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he does it because he is worried about the usual anti-semitic memes spreading

Exactly. How far is he willing to go to do this? As far as minimizing Zionist involvement in WW2?

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It's not like he is minimizing it, It's just that It's irrelevant to him. If the Jews aren't the strongest group behind the NWO and there are only groups of them involved, then we should focus our time with the strongests groups. To be fair to him, a lot of people do fall into the usual super anti-semitic memes and there aren't that many Anti-Jesuit posters either. Everything involving the Jesuits gets downvoted to hell in r/conspiracy.

If you ask me, the fact that there has been Jews that have done bad things in the past and some that continue to happen, like how they help with the subversion of the media, for example, is enough reason to have moderate paranoia against them. Or at least that's my justification for my anti-Semitism. Like I said before, I don't actually support violence against them. I'm sure V_A has a similar point of view since he is also an anti-Semitic nationalist.