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Mueller is a neocon working with Trump as a distraction. He covered up 9/11, Trump's good friend is Larry Silverstein and Seth Rich is a PSYOP. Who told you Rich leaked the emails? Where's the evidence. It is all payop drivel for you to get caught up in.

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Who told you Rich leaked the emails? Where's the evidence. It is all payop drivel for you to get caught up in.

The media is ignoring Seth Rich's murder, which suggests that there is smoke.

JA is an asset that appears to have gone rogue. I think the DNC murdered Rich.

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Not really. Ignoring is just another way of riling up the opposition to divide. First, figure out who Seth Rich is, maybe research his family and their interview they did on nbc, and and I believe ABC. They had scripts and duping delight throughout.

Do you KNOW for sure that Seth Rich is the alleged leaker or if the emails were even really leaked? Or if the entire operation was a psyop consucted by a limited hangout company?

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I don't know for sure.

They had duping delight..? :-|
That's not a good sign.



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There are more interviews too. Just watch the families reactions and gestures. It is obvious that they are acting.

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These aren't deep fakes?

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I don't know, first ask the question where did you hear or research that Seth Rich was the leaker?

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I doubt they are deep fakes.

I ran out of responses, and the deep fakes idea was a Hail Mary.

It was probably those pesky Russian hackers!!! ;-)

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Guy below, his brother, is trying to keep it together, and watch the guy (father) at 40 seconds in to around 43 seconds. He is mimicking her words without looking at her. Plus, the panda bear is damn weird.

Top Comment:

WTF? Watch this video many times. Something stinks. The first few seconds in, the brother is cracking up and trying not to laugh. He does this throughout the whole video. 30 seconds in, the dad says the police called him and stated that Seth was alive when they arrived and MAYBE stable when Seth got to the hospital. No, no, no, no, no. A cop would not say he was MAYBE stable. You are either stable or, you are not. 40 seconds in, the mom starts to talk and just as the camera is panning left towards mom, dad is actually mouthing her lines. He knows what she is about to say. One minute 3 seconds in, the mother says something off script? The dad subtly moves his right arm and taps her on the back and then he quickly takes over her conversation. WALLS COVERED WITH DISNEY AND MOM, HOLDING A GD PANDA! C'mon people.

There are many more comments, that are not buying these alleged parents of an alleged Seth Rich leak.

If anything these people are actors, just like every other person that comes on TV to do interviews for corporate media. More than 50% of the events that are reported by national media are likely fake, fictional stories with a cast of actors. AND, ABC WOULD HAVE EDITED THE SMIRK FROM THE BROTHER OUT, but they didn't, why? They leave these little duping delgiht moments in to show you it is all fake. It is the revelation of method. They want you to know, because they know most people on the right and left will believe it.

I honestly, think it was one big psyop from the begining with wikileaks being the limited hangout. At least that is what wikileaks has become.

And now look at this:

and the comments ^ ^ .

It is an obvious ploy psyop, where the families play both sides. Now the people who voted for Trump are saying that the family drank the koolaid, blah, blah, blah. The entire story is a ruse and the family are just playing a part to control both the left and right reactions of the public.

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See, if you're against the Seth Rich leak, then you're automatically a CNN shill who voted for Hilary. If you spout this story as true, your a Russian Bot who supports Trump. The family now is filing a lawsuit against Fox News, (a fake one, like Alex Jones) so that they enrage the righties. COnfusion, confusion.

But it certainly isn't confusion if you know the entire story is a PSYOP, both on the right and left to control public reaction.

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Yep. Duping delight.

All day long.