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I agree with the importance of all this. If you can get a person in debt to you, and the law backs that up, they're essentially your slave unless they wish to be homeless.

Then just extrapolate that to hundreds of millions of people, and that's how central banking becomes so powerful as to rule governments. Notice how every government is hugely in debt?

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Yeah. This is how they keep themselves in power. It's also how we get our nations back. I'm glad you liked my posts Magnora.

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welcome to the build up to WWII

This has been tried before. It works very well

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CABAL refers directly to the cable monster in the hollow earth and I am not even joking about this. The former leaders of mankind were supposed to "cut it back" all the time, but the "new leaders" were invented by the monster itself and of course they don't do anything to tame it, but they feed it on purpose instead, it is completely out of control by this time.