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There is a "man" (I will use this term loosely) called Montagraph, who created an internet "prophecy" almost a year ago, it was about "Judas committing suicide" - this "man" was in contact with Issac almost daily.

A former friend of Montagraph, Defango - was repeatedly stalked, abused and threatened by Montagraph and his subscribers after joining and then exposing Cicada as a pyramid scheme run by Montagraph, after the deaths of multiple Cicada originals - and the "Judas prophecy" was intended to get Defango to commit suicide as revenge.

There was a LARP/ARG a while ago called the "Red Triangle" which was created by Montagraph - in this "puzzle" you eventually acquire Defango's doxx and the game pushes to towards "finding this man in real life" - and killing him for being a pedo. No, I'm not kidding.

Here is a view of the Red Triangle as it appeared from "outside" - to the people who didn't know this was a LARP war

Edit: New video uploaded, lots more new evidence that these "Cicadas" and LARPer trolls have likely killed before and seemingly want to kill again. This video can link everything from pizzagate's original posters, to Unity4Julian, Cicada and many more events and channels.

Edit 2 AFTER TRACY'S DEATH: In essence, what I am saying is that from what I have seen, this Montagraph guy - who is currently under judicial scrutiny from channels such as Blackstone Intel (vids removed on court order I believe), Drummr828, Defango (seen above) and even Mister Metokur & Nick Rekeita

I believe this man is likely a paid internet troll, operating many "LARPS" recruiting people into shitty organizations and threatening, converting, coercing and or blackmailing people into being his minions - in a a very cult sense of the word. He may even be getting HIS instructions from else where.

I think Monty hated Defango for ruining his Cicada game harvesting minions - made the Red Triangle in revenge. The other people - I'm not sure what he wanted to do to the them, but a great many people are taking up the law against him and I think some of the things he has done will shock us.

At best he is one of the biggest trolls in internet history - or he is some kind of paid agitator, recruiter and/or agent provocateur and disinfo agent.


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Thanks for encapsulating all this, Vigte.

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I'm not saying it's the absolute complete truth - but it's the stuff I was seeing happen on live streams over the course of quite a while and seems fairly plausible.

This plus other people's experiences and knowledge should lead us somewhere close to the truth, hopefully?