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Do we have the willpower to not support the MIC? Our bank accounts, purchases, and 401ks all perpetuate the violent status quo.

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Join Robinhood and WSB and just yolo a bunch of FD's. Die or win trying.

Honestly, though, I think this is why Trump is so brilliant and Liberals are so stupid for fighting him and thinking he's stupid. We HAVE to go to space. It's absolutely BRILLIANT to divert the military industrial complex to space.

Hell yeah I support the military industrial complex -- IN SPACE.

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Hhahaa that sounds fun. The approach I have in mind though is following in the footsteps of some religious groups in the US and refusing to invest in war. The old socially responsible investing thing. There are ways to bring it to the individual level.

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Yes, I fully support people being aware of where they expenditures and investments go. It’s amazing to me when people don’t even think two steps down the line.

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Liberals as democrates today are not really liberals. The are neo liberals, modern liberals, not the classical liberals that have advocated for free markets in the 19th and 19th centuries. We have neoliberal freemarkets now, which means deregulation by regulation, if that makes any sense.

NASA is just an arm of the military. But most of the money probably goes to weaponizing space and puttign more suviellance tech into space. And for other weapon projects.

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well, American "liberals" have always been different from "liberals" of classical economics

in the classical economic sense, "liberals" in the john smith, invisible hand sense want to open markets and expand the inter-connectivity of the world

In America, "Liberals" are communists, who in a classical economic sense are conservative. But this is far too difficult for most to understand.

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You're conflating a bunch of terms together and generalizing. Can you be a bit more specific.

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I’m actually being way more specific than you.

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If we learn how to become a community and work at local levels through sustainable farming and barter than yes, we would be ready.