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Yeah, there's no proof that Hitler's Book was written by a Jesuit entirely, although he did have help by a Jesuit, while he was sentenced and serving in Lancaster Prison.

National socialists did get a lof of their symbolism from jesuits but also Catholics and eastern religions as well, the SS was modeled after the ingroupness of the Jesuit order, however, Hitler, I do not think was being controlled by some secret cabal of Jesuits. Moreover, his hostility towards the Jesuits is clear, as many were persecuted before the war and during. Hitler was rather a nationalist, who probably would have never come to power, if it were not for the Versailes Treaty. Hitler did work closely with some Rothschilds and other hardcore Zionist Jews, in what is known as the Transfer or Haavara Agreement to emmigrate Jews out of Germany into their ethnostate, or what was and is called Palestine. They even were able to keep their assets, however, they were, indeed kicked out of their homes, many being communists and bolsheviks. There was for many years a hatred in a large portion of the ethnic German Christian population against Jews, well before the National Soclialsits rose to power. And their are many reasonable reasons why this hatred and violence increased. THough, violence should NEVER be the answer, but there were triggers. The National Socialists took aim at this anger and used it for their own political benefit. Of course, Hitler already had a hatred for bolshevism and what he called internationalist Jewry.

The Rothschilds and the jesuits, many happen to be Catholic, though the Jesuits have been infiltrated by Jews with ulterior agendas

...most likely had a conflict of interests back in those days.

Yes, and the Jesuits and Freemasons also had conflicts back in the day as well. Hitler hated Freemasons, though both societies, if you read their texts have the same end goal agenda, only that they have a different way of going about it.

Now going back to the present and the Roths position about the possibility of a holocaust being very likely to happen, these are my two theories about the why and how they feel.

It was a genocide, the Holocaust means death by fire. The alleged genocide of all Jewry in Germany was by no definition a holocaust, despite what the industry that profits off of it might think.

I would read David Irving's Hitler's War and Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil. It gives a revisionist point of view into why Germany did what it did and the lies being propagated still to this day about Germany, its people. In order to figure out why things are the way things are today, we have to go back to WW1 and WW2 and understand its true origins.

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We could also call it the "Judeo-Roman Empire" to be more precise.

As to the Jesuits, see "The Jesuit Order as a Synagogue of Jews", recently published by historian Robert Maryks.