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we might not get straight up killed like a chimpanzee but we'd be shut out from good jobs and have to live in poverty. Joining fraternities and secret societies has helped me. Good post.

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I think they use "another subtle way" to kill them, for example, sell them junk food at a very low price, lead to them die for overweight.

When a chimpanzee attacks another chimpanzee, they usually love to attack the male genital organs, this is the body part they love to target, so they can remove a competitor of mating.

It's difficult to see an elite kick someone's dick. But we got phthalates.

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well said. Also, the fact that conspiracies conspicuously (big words today huh) happened in the past, requires that conspiracy denialists come up with a theory that discloses which event or development in human history determined the end of conspiracies. I'll call it the conspiracy theory theory.