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Once I saw a bunch of crows attacking a white heron. Sometimes a mutant crow is white and they kill it. Many times while riding a train in a foreign country, a baby will lock eyes on me. At first, the baby is surprised but almost always they start crying, so the best idea is to turn away. It's just fear of someone different than they are used to. I think this kind of racism is builtin and you can only override it by the exercise of will and intellect. Once I was in a particularly bad mood and some girl about four was looking at me with alarm so I went into vampire mode and scared the shit out of her. She ran to her mother and pointed me out but by then I was in innocent foreigner mode once again. I am bad.

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That's racist


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Yes, after writing that I pinged that it could be interpreted as having a racist subtext so I'll just disavow any racist intent. It could be argued that animals' and humans' fear of the unknown/different is an evolutionary survival mechanism but you can definitely override it.

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No it's not racist at all.

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I completely comprehend where you're coming from; to ignore this, at least to me, is to ignore yourself.

Noting what you do, or see the world, isn't racism, it's knowing; used for self reflection, and further development. We're each in this temporal world; start, and finish alone. I view my time as a contract between myself, and whatever this place is.

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We're all in this alone. :)