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Nonsense. The insane left is not the president with "the power", and the insane left are only puppet of the globalists who are anything but left but everything about division, distraction, manipulation, and exploitation - not to mention extermination.

Patriots are dogmatic sheeple.

Decentralization is the antidote, and if that means national vs global it also means states vs nations, or counties vs states, and communities over city-counties, and families above all.

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we will see

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See what?

Decentralization is the antidote but the sheeple need to wake up. I don't expect them to wake up. If that's what you mean.

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if what i wrote is nonsense..

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Agreed, I don't see them waking up. Look where we are at nowadays with this so-called "pandemic" of the common cold's political cousin.

The sheeple are sleepier than ever. It will take more, A LOT more to wake them up. Maybe a high altitude nuke sending us back to the iron age. That would be such a blessing IMHO.