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What about a group like s/politicaldebate? Say that anything on the bottom 4 levels of the pyramid are flagged, and perhaps disable the ability to reply to those comments. Warnings are given to those who violate the rule. Three strikes and your out of the weeks debate. Try again next week. Every post or argument posed in the comments must have at least 1 source linked.

Just a spot for more in depth debate than on highly generalized meme posts. I'd love to see more debate, but when it is on posts this general it's hard to get a quality debate going.

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Interesting ideas! Would you be interested in running a community like that? It would be need to have a place like that.

I often find the quality of the debate in the comments often correlates to the quality of the original post itself. So more low-quality posts like the OP generally aren't a good place to start in my experience.

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Looks good! Good luck with it!