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To congregate into one myopic identity, without understanding the God within, is to ignore the elephant in the room that is ego.

I do notice an uptick in conservatism here on saidit, but most of these posts do not value the principles of conservatism just as the puppet in cheif Trump does not.

This is comparable to hwo democrates are not liberals.

Also, the national socialists WERE NOT CONSERVATIVES, your post is pretty dumb. Memes have completely ruined our abiltiy to think and sort of fact from fiction.

The national socialists had both a right-wing ideological approach to nationalism; the right of the volk, i.e,. ethnic Germans under a totalitarian police state. Being an ethnic German in National Socialist Germany, was not great but by no means bad. Germany did much better in the economic depression that followed. Hitler was able to get Germany out of the slump with help from a Jewish economist and banker. Largely, the two largest banks in Germany, both Jewish owned, one being behind the Zionist movement in Germany were the largest contributors to the national socialists, which is interesting in itself.

We have to take into account why Hitler rose to power, and the millions who supported him. It all starts before WW1.

I should also note, National Socialists did have many liberal/socialist economic systems in place. Germany in the 30's consisted of a mixed system of governance.

And yes, the National Socialists did terrible, inhuman things. Though, today, the genocide of European Jewery is blown out of proportion, the Nazi's tried everything to emmigrate them to Palestine under the Havaara agreement.