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The lack of 9/11 information is disappointing.

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Because he's an agent.

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"Wanted by the CIA: Wikileaks founder Julian Assange" Belfast Telegraph, July 19, 2010

In this interview, Belfast Telegraph reporter Matthew Bell asks Wikileaks founder Julian Assange about "conspiracy theories". Assange subsequently explains his position.

His obsession with secrecy, both in others and maintaining his own, lends him the air of a conspiracy theorist. Is he one? "I believe in facts about conspiracies," he says, choosing his words slowly. "Any time people with power plan in secret, they are conducting a conspiracy. So there are conspiracies everywhere. There are also crazed conspiracy theories. It's important not to confuse these two. Generally, when there's enough facts about a conspiracy we simply call this news." What about 9/11? "I'm constantly annoyed that people are distracted by false conspiracies such as 9/11, when all around we provide evidence of real conspiracies, for war or mass financial fraud." What about the Bilderberg conference? "That is vaguely conspiratorial, in a networking sense. We have published their meeting notes."

Mr. Assange seems to have conveniently forgotten that 9/11 may be, in a very concrete sense, a 'conspiracy for war', leading directly to the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and the permanent "War on Terror".

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I see your quote as a call to current events, not digging up the past. Assange is not a historian, rather a current events journalist who is exposing things that, in his mind can be changed. The bilderberg group is a current situation, and I see this quote as hin trying to prevent more harm from shadow governments and shady people. But what do know, let's throw him in the river! If he floats he's a witch!

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Dude, Assange says it is a false conspiracy, as if the event itself is NOT a conspiracy. He continues the lie that got us into the surviellance state and global war on terror in the first place. An event that was planned by Israel and people within our own government. We know WHO they are, Assange does too, he isn't stupid. Promoting the offical story myth illustrates his limited hangout agenda. Snowden and Chomsky are others.

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9/11 IS s REAL conspiracy carried out by israel, silverstein, chertoff and the jewish neocons. No.2 Assange was contracted and financed by The Rothschild owned Economist to pour shit all over america to help sink it, and it's working pretty well, no? Everywhere on the planet you are loathed with a vengeance. Assange undertook the job with great passion, just one rule, never leak anything damning about either israel, lobbies, dual citizens or the Rothschilds themselves. I think they simply threw him under the bus once he outlived his limited hangout usefulness.

Israel is siding with russia and china to destroy america, if you don't snap the fuck out of it like yesterday, the USA will cease to exist. These worms steal military super high tech and give it to china, including F35s. The world sript, has ALWAYS been to collapse the US economy and let in the multilateral economic order that Assange seems to embrace take over.

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I get what you're saying, but at the same time if we never stand up for anyone because they're not perfect, the the world will go down the toilet without a doubt.

Perfect is the enemy of good.

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true, all i'm saying is that we should at least consider the fact that he may be a double agent. if we don't ask the right questions we could get played for fools for the hundreth time.....

its a psy op - all we need now is a guy in a dress..... oh wait

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Even if he is, I think most of his information is still valuable...

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he fails the litmus tests though.. doesn't call out israel. doesn't call out 911.

mossad, no doubt.

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He does call out Israel, quite frequently actually. But he is silent on 911

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oh well i was not aware of that... seemed pretty strange to me.

any links?

if i'm wrong on this i should look into it. but i was following assange pretty closely and i never saw him speak of anything like that. happy to be wrong tho. :D

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It's something he regularly speaks out on... here's just one random clip of thousands:

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we were talking about assange.... but its ok i don't want to argue with you. :D

bro can i ask you something off topic....

i have been banned from every platform i have ever joined even after learning to be VERY diplomatic.

is this site run as a free speech platform? i love idea of it and the voting system is way better than reddit. which imo is fully scrubbed at this point. i guess i'm wondering if its worth investing time here.... and who is really running it.

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It's free speech as long as you respect the pyramid of debate:

You can have any viewpoint you want as long as you respect your opposition's right to have a conflicting opinion and stay toward the higher levels of the pyramid of debate. That's our only real rule. Let me know if you have any more questions. If you want to know more about me, check out the infogalactic wiki page on saidit, it has a section about me, and there's links to all these 2-hour youtube interviews I've done. So you can get to know me a bit if you like.

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very good, places like this will become an oasis in the future.... you are aware that the will have to try to stop it somehow, if it gains traction right? they have to control it ALL or it could all fail. good luck to you sir. :D

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i think he will be granted immunity and also receive the nobel peace prize. the sold soul

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Or is it more likely that there is no information.

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This. You can't argue that with conspiracy theorists though because answers based within reality aren't exciting or interesting, they're depressing and sad.

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you don't think it would have been easy just to tweet out about building 7 to the masses?

wikileaks could of and should of done a deal to get him off the hook at any point.

this was all a psy op to gatekeep whistleblowers. now its job its done they have to end the psy op somehow. its genius really. the public could never work it out.

assange is working for them.