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It's all about controlling your mind through deception and conflicting narratives.

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excellent concise summary.

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What was the last chapter of this saga called?

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Men need to be controlled more often, soft touches are now considered sexual abuse, the Hypocrisy of the Right.

The next saga in TV programming is the Hypocrisy of the left. The agenda is demoralization of men and women. I'm merely pointing out the agendas of corporate media. Today is demoralization of men and women, tomorrow will be revolution and far from now will be an authoritarian socialist- semi-commie hellhole.

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Joe Biden is a hopeless wang job.
The pedogate community will wreck him.

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The pedogate community is another controlled opposition. Almsot all of the researchers who pretended to expose Podesta and all the other persons were in fact pedophiles.

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Really? I haven't heard this. Do you have any links to this info?

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No, I don't because all the material is scrubbed. But yes, many people [I should not have said almost all] on voat, and YouTube who had a very big fanbase were pedophiles. The entire pizzagate and pedogate movement has been hijacked by disinformation, honeypots and shills. The movement is now a limited hangout and used primarily for censorship, like what Mr. Kappy and Lift the Veil (Lift the Toliet Seat, or Mr. Cat Tower) did. Expose that everyoen in Hollywood is a pedophile, name names. No evidence or proof of your claims. Have national news pick it up and use it as a reason to censor speech and the internet. So, you'd think they'd be banned for pushing these libels and false claims. NOPE, in fact, they are promoted on YouTUbe and all the REAL truth seekers exposing psyops are banned. They do this with Flat earth too.

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The lowest of low people are those pretending to be truth seekers but are really controleld oppositions, shills utilized to disengage, discredit and censor real truth seekers.

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men hating men for touching others is self destructive. it plays into feminist strategy that mens lives should be destroyed so women can feel comfortable even though they count the slightest touch a terror attack. men cant win.

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Yes, it is largely about destroying the family unit and demoralizing men.

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Yeah. Well, not in this case.

There is definitely something wrong with the way Biden touched children. The children are visibly disturbed.

It's far beyond inappropriate.

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Yes, in this case. Biden is PROBABLY A PEDO, I have a recent video I posted showing his affinity for young girls. I do not have proof but his behavior is suspect. The overall agenda here is the demoralization of men and women. Biden was suppose to work with Lady gaga, and in fact did on a campaign for sexual abuse. The idea of all this is ritual and ideaological subversion. ALL News stories from national corporate news, even if they pretend to expose Biden have an agenda. In this case, untouchable Biden is in a humiliation ritual, the point I'm making in this post is that the media is illustrating the hypocrisy of the left as it did before with the right. It's all one big game to them.

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I full on believe that MkUltra never went away; perhaps it was just a beta version for the rest of society.... I think we're knee deep in the latest version unleashed on all of us.

The confusion, the subversion right in our faces, and the double speak is all designed to destroy any firm footing, or 'knowing' of where you're at in society; or where society is at from the individual.

They're hitting us from all directions, or more appropriately, they're targeting all aspects of the body/mind, through medical means to push us into whatever the new paradigm they're pushing.

On that note, and the reason I'm in this thread, was that I was going to post a similar/same topic thread. I thought it ironic that 'The View', which is a feminist show(by 'modern' women, for 'modern' women), is standing by Uncle Joe....