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Other evidence listed in the report includes communication transcripts in which Russian President Vladimir Putin is seen ordering President Trump to bomb Syria, stage a coup in Venezuela, arm Ukraine, escalate against Russia in America’s Nuclear Posture Review, withdraw from the INF treaty and the Iran deal, undermine Russia’s fossil fuel interests in Germany, expand NATO, and maintain a large military presence near Russia’s border. These things were done, according to Putin, in order to “keep things interesting.”

The fact that this ridiculous statement is even slightly entertained by the public is damning evidence of a thoroughly brainwashed society.

This ridiculous bullshit far exceeds anything that the North Korean state media would ever dream of publishing.

Truly beyond lunacy.

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Ha! You totally had me suckered!

Well played! <Clap, clap>. ;-)

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Oh my! Looks like u/Tom_Bombadil forgot to switch to their alt!

Well played. <clap, clap>

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Alduin "the conspiracy theorist".

<clap, clap>