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around the year 1666 in turkey, the sabbateans (gnostic, kabbalist doomsday cult of crypto jews) believed that the messiah will come when everyone is good or when everyone is evil. they still do btw.

they reason that since its impossible for everyone to be good, its easier and better for everyone to be evil. this is why we see evil being propagated.

they had about one million followers, which was half of all jews in the world at the time. their leader, shabtai zevi, for becoming too powerful, was ordered by the turkish sultan to convert to islam or die, which he did, along with many of his followers and they became crypto jews.

at the time, the marranos - jews in spain and portugal - faced similar fate, but this time from the spanish inquisition. they were forced to convert to catholicism or to leave spain or to be killed. some jews converted and became catholic crypto jews. many, many fled and joined the sabbateans in turkey.

when pope clement and king philip outlawed the templar order and burned de molay and 54 templars at the stake the surviving templars dispersed and retreated to their 'temples' scattered around the world. some went to cyprus, where the russian oligarchs (teutonic orders according to some) keep their money (wilbur ross managed a bank there), to rosslyn, scotland where they became the scottish rite masons (justin trudeau is a sinclair), to the basque country, where they became the alumbrados and later the jesuits, and even more interestingly to portugal where they were known as the order of christ.

these templars who owned many ships were joined by the marranos looking for a way out. they became pirates and slave traders. preying on ships of their enemy, the catholic church. they also discovered the new world. columbus was one of them. and this is why brazil is portuguese. and this is why the skull and bones use the jolly roger. they are descendants of templar pirates. and the sabbateans also have their own secret society at yale, they are still like two peas in a pod;

but back in europe the secret sect didnt stop.
sabbateanism spread to greece and the balkans where it was known as the salonica donmeh. kemal ataturk was a donmeh and they did the armenian genocide in ww1. the political arm of the donmeh were the young turks. relevant american namesake; <- donald rumsfeld etc

jakov frank was initiated into the donmeh in turkey in the 18th century and spread it in eastern europe, poland, etc. there it was known as frankism. the world jewry excommunicated the frankists for ten generations for their sins (wife swapping, incest, murder etc). the frankist jews also converted to catholicism in large numbers to conceal their sect. the frankists were the power base of the soviet and of the eastern european communist regimes later in the 20th century.

another important development was the creation of the illuminati, which is a formal joining of the sabbatean-frankists with the templar/jesuit elites. the rothschilds, financing the order were both knights of malta (templars) and sabbateans.

moving on..
a german, von sebottendorf ( also went to turkey and was initiated into the donmeh. back in germany, he started the thule society the german nazi party and hitler came out of that.

the inner core of the thule society however was the vril society created by karl haushofer, another initiate, he also trained rudolf hess.

almost there..
yet another initiate in england was edward lytton who wrote 'vril the coming race'. i didnt read it yet. and also, there is a movie - iron sky - the coming race. they are using the original vril society logo on the poster..

lastly, ben gurion and other top labor zionists were also initiated into the sabbatean order while they lived and studied in turkey.

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