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There's been a lot of controversy about the true events of WWII so this is an interesting historical event involving the jesuits and the national socialists.

The national socialists got a lot of their symbolism from the jesuits. The SS was modeled after their group with even their signature salute being based on the Roman salute and their racism towards Jews being influenced by the writtings of the jesuits too. Mein Kampf wasn't even written by Hitler himself, but by a catholic priest related to the jesuits.

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Hitler did support Christianity to some extent. Many of the soldiers were Christians. I believe 150,000 soldiers were Jewish as well. The jesuits are NOW infiltrated by Zionists though.

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I'm pretty sure that even the Jews that you will find in the media are loyal to the Vatican. The idea of them being the strongest group behind the NWO is absurd. Once WWIII breaks out, The Jews at Israel have a good chance of being exterminated.

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Probably because Vatican 2 has been hijacked. Christians and Jesus would have never supported such an industry. I agree, the political system of the anti-Christ, which just means anti-Christian values will be headed in Israel. Most Jews will be exterminated as well as Christians. Those who follow God's words will understand when this political system comes to fruition and WILL flee Israel and every area that is controlled by this political system as it is told in the New Testament. Many will be duped by the coming one world political system and religion.

I agree with you, just that Israel WILL NOT be exterminated. Instead, a new political system will arise, much different from the old world systems we have today. It will seem like it will fix all our problems but this is only a ruse.

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I thought it was written in his jail cell??