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Bullshit. It's true that the US has increased its economic pressure against Venezuela. But the government has many ways to go around them and crisis of the country was caused by the socialists themselves and it goes way back, even when Chavez was still alive, it was hard finding things like milk and sugar. How else can you explain things like Chavez and his family becoming so rich in so little time and the "socialists" having so many properties in the US?

The sanctions of the US have focused on freezing the bank accounts the socialists have in the US itself and taking over their properties. Here is a list of them:

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Come on man...

Name a single conflict since WW2 that the US was honestly justified in it's words, or actions.

Whatever the the story; the public can be 100% certain that the story is a lie.

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I'm not saying the people who run the US are good guys. But just because the US has done bad things doesn't mean you can automatically blame it for every single bad thing that ever happens.

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Name 1 conflict.

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The CIA helping the Poland opposition get rid of the communists?

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The CIA was involved, and that was honest?

CIA... diplomats? Seriously?

What happened to the Polish economy afterwards?

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It's true that the US has increased its economic pressure against Venezuela.

stopped reading here

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Yeah ..

Not withstanding mayhem currently underway in Venezuela which has been choreographed as part of the plan to gain control of that countries vast oil reserves, John Pilger's 2010 video US Imperialism in Nicaragua & Latin America blames America for ongoing outrage in the region.

Without mentioning Israel’s extensive military role in the Guatemala Civil War 1960-1996 where over 200,000 native Guatemalans were killed or who were "disappeared," nor of the Zionist penchant for shifting blame .. Jews did 911.

Israel Controls the US Government & Media, blaming Americans, Arabs or Germans as the case may be is the Jew stock in trade .. it seems the role Pilger has chosen for himself is to be a disseminator of Zionist disinformation.

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not sure about pilger tho. he says assange is still alive. need proof of life on that tho.