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Child labor trafficking doesn't get any attention, in the U.S. and around the world. It only seems to matter if it's sexual, and even then, barely matters. These things should be number one priority as far as I'm concerned.

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Interesting fact. Voting rights for women were strongly opposed by Indusrty, because they understood that it women had voting rights then they would organize to abolish child labor.

Women gained sufferage, and child labor was abolished.

The world would likely be a brighter place if mother's and daughters were placed in more positions of accountable power.

Not all, though. Especially, not the kind that would cackle gleefully during an interview about a lynched dictator. There are always exceptions...

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I don't buy any of that. Sounds like feminist propaganda and anecdotal circumstances at best.

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That IIRC.

However, if your not into that sort of thing then you'll probably find this entertaining.


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I used to love that show. Good, offensive humor. And I'm not necessarily against feminism, just super sceptical about things coming from their camp. Too many bad experiences, I suppose, so I'm probably a bit prejudice.