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No mozzies means no fish which means ppl and animals that depend on fish as a staple diet are gonna starve. Link.

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gay frogs are also going the way of the dodo

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Italy isn't the only country releasing genetically modified mosquitoes. There are several, though the modification differs in some of the releases.

Africa Fun fact: Uganda is one of the countries slated for a release, and it borders ebola ridden Democratic Republic of Congo. Not transmittable through mosquitoes, but seems a bit risky to bring a mutated species into the fray.

Genetically Engineered Mosquitoes To Be Released In 20 States Not sure of the status, some states were fighting this. Info on release was hard to find when I searched it a couple months ago. Was approved by our own Environmental Poison Agency.

They were being released in the Cayman's, but the Cayman government halted the release late last year.

There are probably more, those are the ones I saved when looking through this a couple months ago.

Oh, and to throw a big conspiracy wrench into all of it: Anti-GMO Mosquito Activist in DC to Deliver Petition to EPA Found Floating Dead in Hotel Pool.

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Thanks for the reply .. the African and US releases are gonna devastate local mosquito populations, precipitating a subsequent catastrophic decline in fish stocks and bringing hunger to man and beast.

Hit the link and observe the terrible destruction of mangrove forest that took place over a six month time period, and be aware of the catastrophic impact the destruction has on fish breeding habitat.

How it came about no one - except the ones who did it - knows, however it looks to me like some kinda DEW Star Wars Weapons System, like the ones that caused highly destructive wildfires in California December 2018, was likely involved.