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I found the image online and cannot confirm yet if this is true, but it sounds plausible. It makes me think about the real reasons for the formation of NASA.

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The T minus thing is kind of ridiculous, but it’s clear to anybody with some level of spiritual awareness that the true objectives of NASA are quite different from the publicly stated ones.

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It's all ridiculous. In what way is shooting a rocket into space getting anyone closer to heaven? In what way does rocket technology give anyone power over the supernatural?

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In what way is shooting a rocket into space getting anyone closer to heaven?

You say "space" but that is only referring to the empty regions between the stars. What are the stars themselves? When you look up at the stars, an infinite number of them.... What is that called? Haven't you ever heard that stars are in heaven?

When the ancient men made the tower of Babel, they were attempting to enter heaven without God's blessing. Today men again try to enter heaven with selfish motives. The highest elevations of the earth's atmosphere is the beginning of heaven, where heaven and earth meet.

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Do you have another explanation for the use of "t minus" during NASA countdowns? I really don't know why they say that.

Satan can be recognized with NASA and their rocket program, but they are not the only ones. Russia has rockets named after Satan.

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"Time (of takeoff) minus x seconds" - so if takeoff is 3pm, T minus 5 seconds means 2:59:55.

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That looks like a reasonable explanation.

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The phrase “t minus” comes from physics. It’s just a way of referring to the time axis.

However, I don’t think space is exactly what we think it is (in common culture), and I believe that NASA is aware of its deeper dimensions. And yes, a lot of their names and slogans kind of seem to reference occult secrets. BTW, I don’t view “occult” as equivalent to “satanic”, it’s just another layer of knowledge that is kept from most people. If even slightly more people had access to that knowledge, society wouldn’t be in the mess that it is in right now, as enough people would be able to discern what was going on. And be motivated to stop it.

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be motivated to stop it.

Knowledge alone will not save. In the garden of Eden, the only tree that was deadly if its fruit was eaten was the tree of knowledge.

The only weapon that will stop evil is love. The people will be victorious when they do as Jesus commanded: Love your neighbor as yourself. When we have love in our heart, we are filled with truth. Love and truth go together. But without love, knowledge kills.

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I agree with you that love is higher than knowledge. However, I don’t think that in this realm, love without some kind of discernment is enough. Most Christians didn’t see through what has been going on in the last four years. That tells me that something more is needed.

Also bear in mind that we have been systematically dumbed down over the last 500 to 1000 years in terms of our ability to read the world in its archetypal layer.

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what has been going on in the last four years.

Why limit the scope of blindness to that short time? Are you thinking of something specific, like the clot-shot? That was a deception that many fell into. But this nation has been falling away from God my entire lifetime. Each year it gets worse. I myself went through a big part of my youth being blind to reality.

love without some kind of discernment

We need both, that's for sure. If we love the truth and desire the truth, we already have discernment. Love and truth are inseparable. God is love. God is also truth. If you have one, you have the other. It is impossible to separate them, as God is one.

Christians can be deceived when they lack love. There are many who are Christian in namesake only. They may go to a church, but if they are simply going along with traditions and do not love the truth, then they can be deceived.

Those that keep the greatest commandment also love the truth, because they love God above all who is the truth and love their neighbor as themself. God can see who it is that desires him, and he will not let them be deceived. It is those who are indifferent to the truth that can be deceived.

I appreciate your comments and agree with you that man can no longer discern the signs all around us. Would you give an example of something you have seen "in its archetypal layer?"

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Much of the insight is aesthetic, ie prelinguistic. But most of that layer of reality is really aesthetic, isn’t it? The problem with “knowledge” is that it’s verbal, left brain. That’s the real issue. Jesus is asking us to use our right brain.

In terms of an example: I think the people who could read the Covid psyop for what it was, were people who had some sense of spiritual discernment. Those who lacked that discernment really couldn’t see it. Several authors have made that observation as well: It wasn’t about intelligence or education, it was about spiritual discernment. A very specific example is the meaning of masks. It’s obvious how sinister the 2020 mask aesthetic was, especially where children were involved; that is, if you have even an iota of occult, or archetypal knowledge. It totally gave the game away. But if you can’t read at that level, if you’re not literate, then it was invisible.

Please bear in mind that I grew up with this training and I’ve kept it up. It’s retained in some families and Christians should not be frightened of it if used appropriately. I am also a member in good standing in a Christian (mainline Protestant) church, although I am more conservative than most of the members of that church.

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Jesus is asking us to use our right brain.

I would say Jesus is asking us to use our heart.

A very specific example is the meaning of masks.

You do not need to consult the occult to know the meaning of the masks. We can pray to God and ask him. And it's in the Old Testament. Those that are unclean were required to wear a cloth over their mouth and yell out: UNCLEAN! Today, people are declaring themselves unclean to everyone around them when they wear a mask. But those that wore the mask thought the opposite: They thought they were clean and were trying to protect themselves from getting sick from all the other people around them.

I'm sure the adversary was laughing at God's people covering their mouths thinking they were protecting someone, when actually they were advertising their own lack of faith.

Leviticus 13:45

And the leper in whom the plague is, his clothes shall be rent, and his head bare, and he shall put a covering upon his upper lip, and shall cry, Unclean, unclean.

The covering upon the lips looks like a COVID mask.

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Also, Matthew 10:16…

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“Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.”

It was a serpent that tricked the woman into eating from the tree of knowledge. It was not wise of her to disobey God's one commandment.

Knowledge without love kills. The letter of the word kills. It is the spirit that gives life.

Jesus said to be wise as a serpent. Wisdom and knowledge are different. Wisdom is the insight to best apply knowledge for a specific use. Without love, people misuse knowledge. In the end of the world, people are ever learning, but never coming to the knowledge of the truth.

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The term originates from the military. T stands for time.

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That's another reminder that NASA is part of the military.