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The problem with that take is that most immigrants won't/don't join the military. When I was in the Army, sure, I met immigrants who served honorably, but thinking back on it, 1-African, 1-Irishman, 1-South African, 1-Chinese (nice guy, pretty sure he was a spy), 1-Russian and a couple of South Americans (both Chilean) isn't exactly a huge number of immigrants. More Hispanics and Asians were in the Army than any other ethnic group but most of them were 1st gen American, with the majority being Mexican/Central American of that group. I did know of 1-Afghan interpreter that managed to get to the States and join the military. Syrian=0. Almost all the Asians were born in the US, unless they were Pilipino. Granted those were the ones I met personally and became friends with so by no means a huge sampling. But thinking back on it, the % of immigrants who serve isn't a large number compared to the number who cross the border into the U.S. Even among American ethnic groups, the numbers were extremely low. 1-Lakota Sioux, 0=Eskimo, 2-Hawaiian.

You can't draft an immigrant. They have to choose to serve and immigrants aren't exactly lining up. Indians=Not a single one. Indians do not join the American military--period--1st, 2nd or 10th gen. They feel zero obligation to serve the country they moved to or they were born in. Yes, this offends me a little. There are a lot of Indians in the US. You'd think at least a small % would want to serve their country but they simply don't. (I looked up, why don't Indians join the military and it took me to a page full of articles about native Americans which was not what I was asking at all. I would love to have an answer to this question).

Its a good theory, but it doesn't play out in RL on the ground. The majority of immigrants want all the perks of living in the U.S but they aren't going to fight for you, or anyone else. If they were, they would stay in, and fight for, their own country. The fact that they didn't is indicative of their nature.

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You can't draft immigrants but you can offer citizenship to illegals in return for fighting, Roman style.

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Immigrants are the people who said "I'm not staying to fix my country, I'm moving on." They move to the US and say "Yes, moving on is sound strategy." Then the war starts and they are invited to fight and die for the US. But they have already learned that moving on is the right strategy.

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I think they want to arm and deputize immigrants in the future to be the internal police to round up and dispose of Amercans in a way the military would not do.

EDIT:They will be used for gun confiscations because they're disposable.

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unfortunately many could care less about citizenship if they get all the benefits handed to them without it

modern military isnt like WW2 its more technical and it helps alot if you speak english natively

cannon fodder troops also might not be counted on to be reliable

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Yeah, great; let's have an army full of Central-American gang-bangers.

Know what they would be good for? Hunting down and eliminating those pesky "Anglos". And that's probably what they will be used for.

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The millions coming in are used to government corruption, and most are used to authoritarian governments. Most countries they are leaving are those the US globalists/CIA meddled in causing the problems that made them leave. But they may or may not even know that. And of course some are going to be CIA trained terrorists.

They will be used for future uprisings and part of the controlled financial collapse. And of course to change the demographics of the nation.

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It's far more simpler in my opinion...

30 years ago we should have addressed the problems, it was made a race issue by the left.

It really boils down to this- Would you take up arms to fight for your country? They are fleeing because they are weak, they won't fight for their own country. They would rather have half their family die on a journey instead of dieing fighting for their countries future generations. Do you want the weak and gutless fighting for your country when they refused to fight for their own country? We already have a large portion of Americans who don't believe we should have firearms as they carry them into training and can't even load mags or operate said equipment taking over the military, let's add deserters to the mix.

I don't believe Americans will turn tail and run when our society breaks down in the next few years, arms will be taken up and the weak will be made to leave and the weak mostly in cities will beg for firearms to save them from the WEF/US Govy. Unfortunately, as history has shown. Much like the Germans during WW2 and the blue hair army during COVID, they will usher in with great pride the tyrants until the truth comes out, but they cannot admit they fell for the lies.

If they are so weak and will literally kill their own family to get here, they will sell their soul to the tyrants for a peace of the American dream quick as they load Americans in trains at gun point for the chance to have a couple CBDC's added to their account.

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The subject is extremely geometry dash lite intriguing. Depending on the policy, this could be in the works. They will be employed in future revolutions and as part of the orchestrated financial collapse. And, of course, to alter the nation's demography.

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Nice ad strategy.

Also, fuck you.