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2 Peter 1:16

16 For we did not follow cleverly devised myths when we made known to you the power and coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, but we were eyewitnesses of his majesty.

And if we say that the author's intention doesn't matter, we might as well interpret Dr. Seuss for hidden knowledge.

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False. The Bible has a very negative view of the world and the flesh in particular. And early Christians (and even modern Christians to an extent) viewed the cosmos as enslavement, including people such as Paul and John who wrote much of the New Testament. Your idea sounds more like traditional paganism and Stoic philosophy.

I believe that the whole "desire" thing is a distraction. Yes, desire is a great tool for temptation, but without it we'd be mindless, unfeeling machines. That sounds like brainwashing to me, not liberation, and certainly not divinity. The problem isn't desire, but the way desire is incompatible with this world. We are emotional and thoughtful beings; the cosmos is entirely mechanical and mindless. That clearly isn't going to work.

I should also warn you: astrology and most magic is from the pantheon. You cannot trust them to be honest, or to have your best interests at heart. Although it's often frighteningly accurate, it's all a tool to lure you into trusting them. I would liken that to how Palpatine set Anakin Skywalker up with a bunch of visions that kept coming true, and eventually had him fooled enough to turn him to the dark side.

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What he wrote is the youtube new age ideology now being pushed under the hijacked name of Rosicrucians, which really died out over a hundred years ago. The new age Rosicrusians don't even know what the Rosy Cross even is. In the 1600s it used to be a form of Christian mysticism. Kinda of devote Christianity mixed with like freemasonry/pythagorian type knowledge, not magic or anything.

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There's a lot of unpack in the linguistics and epistemology of words. The parables are endless. It's a path. Anakin is eventually redeemed. Through his son. Jesus.

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This is propaganda being pushed on youtube pretty hard to deceive and distract those looking for truth.

The globalists and world bankers say the world is over populated and humanity must be culled. And all of the sudden they are brainwashing your children to be transgender starting in grade schools. And all these youtube videos tell you some unprovable fairy tale that you must be abstinent to gain super powers. Such a materialist view of a universe you can only see a tiny sliver of.

They are trying to push sexual confusion and beta male mindset on all military age males.

If you want to "become" enlightened and understand your own divinity you should stop looking for others to tell you what you should believe and look within your self, know thy self.

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” ― Nikola Tesla

Nothing exists but light energy in harmonic relation. You are light. The very bases of your DNA are liquid crystals that absorb and emit light as fractal antennas, unless you allowed government to alter them.

Enlightenment comes from knowledge and understanding of truth, not from falling for being in an internal conflict with your self.

If you want enlightenment then consume:


harmonics and light

where are you standing do you know? . source = .

what about you

what is reality?

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Internal conflict with yourself is critical to knowing truth. There isn't a single allegory or parable that can be discussed through this medium (online). The material cannot exist without the spiritual. All this is saying, there is a material connection to our spirituality. It's not an absolute to the absolute, but rather a path on the mountain. The temple must be able to resonate harmoniously. All your links suggest the same. Yes, science helps us perceive the spiritual, I agree with your consumable enlightenment.

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Yes but i have encountered this supposed semen alchemy stuff and fully reject it as misdirection and clever deceit. I have read every alchemy book I could find translated to english. This stuff is very new and is not verifiable nor based in reality physically nor philosophically. .

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Have your read Isis Unveiled by Madame Helen Blavatsky?

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Yes, and I don't trust some of what she interpreted.

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nothing against you personally.. I just dislike seeing this stuff because of my (self perceived) obsessively well research view of it.