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The public-private partnership that censored 2020 election concerns and Covid vaccine concerns are one and the same. This was why the Twitter Files needed covered up so desperately; They were proof of this corruption of the highest degree. They followed years of threatening to destroy these same social media companies with anti-trust regulations, which they forced to censor reality with this "partnership."

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It is so much worse. We are only seeing it and coming out of a long trance because they overstepped their role with their fanaticism and exposed themselves. They had the country eating out of their hands for decades and now will never get back to that point. But they already have everything infiltrated and or corrupted. it is all about the currency collapse now.

If they can force central bank coin on us they will weaponize it to disarm america so they can get the world slave plantation they have worked so hard for for decades. Plato's envisioned Utopia of unbreakable power. Except instead of philosopher kings it will be the most evil parasite class of all humanity.

The best we can do is stay out of their many to come attempts to trick us into fighting and killing each other for them, and we must protect at all cost the 2cd amendment and the crypto currency systems. The dollar is dead, gold is monopolize from mine to market. People need to understand their treason and crimes against humanity already committed before the billions they plan to murder in there agenda to force humanity back into the stone age.

Every media corporation is openly giving support to the enemy of the people and are accessories in the destruction of america and american lives. Which is treason and carries up to death as punishment.

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That's a very lot to consider. It makes it seem like any attempt to find their weakness, would just expose one's own.