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Human biology doesn't change. A portion of the population is more reflective and will feel cheated when they discover the truth. Education can do wonders.

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Exactly. It might take longer today, but the inevitable always happen when curious people do not accept narratives as gospel.

The point today is discovering why certain gospels are good, today, because not everyone is equipped to reach conclusions in the same speed; apartheid happened because of that.

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Rejecting a paradigm held by more than 80% of any given population has never been easy. It's fascinating how throughout the time of human societies, profoundly incorrect ideas have gained popular acceptance. The force in particular working against gen Z is psychoactive drugs prescribed legally. This is in fact dangerous, because it dampens the ability of a mind to entertain uncomfortable thoughts/feelings. Given that unpopular truths (of which there have been countless examples throughout history) create exactly those feelings, we are medicating away the ability to perceive a lot of truth. It's rarely been comfortable being a truth-teller. By muting the ability to do this, our society is going to amplify a lot of stupidity that for which that discomfort was a natural counteragent.

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I think you are looking at this wrongly.

I see it as it has been this way for a long time. It's just the illusion and veil is now failing. The magician messed up on a slight of hand early in his routine and the audience no longer cares for the rest of the show. They had the people so mind controlled for so long but over stepped their bounds and exposed themselves. Things will never go back for them. Gen Z has the best chance at becoming critical thinkers of any generation in the past IMO.

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Some video-games, some books and some movies can help to inspire a more inquiring mind.
While many are fantasy-like, they can give a good idea about what might be going on in reality.
The Fall-out games are full with crazy science experiments.
Computing forever talks about dystopian movies, like minority report
The Book Lord of the Rings is full with war, betrayal, lust-for-power, etc. There are more books like that.

Via the internet people can learn a lot more about tricks that are going on. About magic-tricks, about lying with statistics, about forcing the outcome. About propaganda, astroturfing, forum and discussion manipulations, etc.

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It's not as easy. Platforms, particularly Youtube takes people down a rabbit hole, which has lead to the current low-brow reincarnation of the flat earth movement, along with a lot of the other poor critical thinking that you see today: Alt med, climate science denial, young earth creationism.

The Skeptics are trying to hold the line.

They push out some sound reasoning.

But I do get the impression that they're losing.

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Youtube is controlled and manipulated by the same people as reddit and the media. They only host the approved conspiracy theories and diversions. Google is very much a part of the matrix.

As for flat earth, it was created by the inteligencia to discredit and slander free thinkers just like (((you))) are doing here. Instead of separating the flat earth psyop from general conspiracy theories you use it as an example of how people who go down rabit holes can end up believing stupid things. Flat earthers are con artists, they are not conspiracy theorists.

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Their Gen X parents don't let them lose their common sense.

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Skipping school would be a great first step. Schools are nothing but indoctrination centers pushing communism. They were when I went to school too, but it wasn't as obvious back then.