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Fortunately the benevolent government that's commissioning its compassionate murder spree had the wisdom and forethought to protect the charitable medical players from legal repercussions should anyone in the herd who survives the effects of the valuable services being meted out from seeking redress from the philanthropy of coercive kindness to which we're all subjected (and injected).

Remember, we're all in this together- two weeks to flatten the curve.

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I wish my 2weeks holiday lasted as long as their 2weeks to flatten the curve… is non compliance the only way we win? can we win?

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Meaningful victory can only be realized if we go well beyond mere "noncompliance". Doing only that leaves the criminals in place to rethink their strategy and try other means of pushing the agenda they have zero intention of abandoning.

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The less people comply, the more desperate their attempts are.

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I think that we manifest into reality more than we realize.

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Input -> Output
Q: Is anyone directing their energy toward our OurAgenda, usurper-freeDom?

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History repeating

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Non-compliance is incredibly powerful, if you can get enough to join you.

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Excellent post. CHilling. But makes perfect sense. Kill box.

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After years of paying attention to the usual suspects, it does make sense… more and more with every passing day 👍❤️

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“Who is this gray patriarch? His hour is one of darkness, and adversity, and peril. That stately form, combining the leader and the saint…could only belong to some old champion of the righteous cause, whom the oppressor’s drum had summoned from his grave.” -Nathaniel Hawthorne, (1804–1864) The Gray Champion

Donald Trump is our Champion

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Trump is a Zionist.
He's a false "champion".

You won't ever find a good leader of any consequence anywhere.

WE must be the change we want to see in the world.

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I think that even if good people COULD make it into the running for govt positions (and other areas of power), they would be controlled through blackmail or injury and death if they were allowed to win.

I think figuring out how and what changes to make is even tricky when manipulated for so long.

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The short video here provides an idea on how to "transition" from Indirect "Democracy" to Direct Democracy

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Thank you!!!

I may run with the Direct Democracy party here in Canada at some point - not to win, but to get the stump, spread awareness about DD and more, maybe wedge the party into a seat, and perhaps eventually someday the party might actually influence.

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I wish you luck. I just don't think that politicians have any real power, but are all puppets.

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Agreed. The station with power are not the goal - reaching the minds of the masses is.

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Isn't it just another party that can be controlled?

I mean libertarian party was supposed to stand for limited govt. I thought Johnson/weld had a chance of winning if they made the debates. Know what happened? The polls conveniently changed metrics from registered voters to likely voters when they approached the mark. Weld eventually proved to be a jerk when it was inevitable that they'd lose but they had a very good platform and was defrauded.

Tptb wouldn't consider killing beneath them either. They've assassinated other countries leaders. Hell, even the whole economic hitman story shows how some can be taken out.

Even if they wouldn't kill them, they just cheat in other ways. In US election, while Trump is a fraud, he should've won. You can watch hours of testimony from people who've signed affidavits of what they witnessed with Trump vs Biden. I think it was meant to be shown so that those who can think are discouraged more.

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Essentially, this idea provides an opportunity to drive a stake/wedge through 'Indirect Democracy' AND Indirect Systems to expose their true, usurping innards
Firstly, to shift conversations toward issues with the entire representative political system, not just any political candidate or party
Next, leveraged to pivot conversations toward issues with all Indirect Systems, not just Indirect Democracy

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I disagree.

Those examples of what not to do

"AND NOT - non-compliance / become ungovernable - appeal / protest for their rights - changing politicians - sidetrack/fringe self & others with rabbithole truths / solutions"

Well, 3 out of 4 are correct actions. (Changing politicians doesn't do squat as any legit ones will be controlled.)

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Plase re-read the above together with this part:

"whilst leaving the means of usurpation intact and remain firmly in the hands of the usurpers through the corporate, top-down, hierarchical, pyramidian paradigm"

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Agreed. That's why we must /s/DecentralizeAllThings.

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If there were a master race, would you expect to find them over-represented at the upper levels of society? Asking for a friend's country

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The only thing (((they)))'ve mastered is the Machiavellian arts of deception, manipulation, exploitation, and extermination of the general public.

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All true, but there are demerits for being dumb and credulous, and unfortunately that's most people. See: taxpayers, voters, etc.

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so . . . no answer. Cool.

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How do you define "master" and/or "race"?

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That's still not an answer by the way

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Clear answer depend upon clear questions.

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I respect your opinion/belief, I thought that and promoted it for a while… mans got me confused now 👍

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Are you familiar with a book, ‘The Fourth Turning’?

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No but I’ll search it out 👍

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Every 80 or 90 years approximately, we have some sort of war for survival and society changes: 1781, 1861, 1941, 2021. We’re overdue.

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They don't expand real political effort to argue against flat Earth. They don't expend real political effort to argue against HAARP. How you know its true is when they get highly organized to say you are wrong.

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Not watching a 15 minute video of a rando prattling. tl;dw or ur lying

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You could always take a break off here and go research the info in the 15min vid…. Or you can ignorantly just post ‘you’re lying’ 🤷‍♂️

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so ur lying, got it

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It's powerful stuff. But you likely know most of it.

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Ok, thanks for the education 👍

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I finally got around to watching this. Well worth it.

My opinions on this are known by posts, but here is a tip to anyone reading this. Heraldry never lies you should learn it. Look at the coat of arms/seal to know who owns you.

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Strike in bowling = good.
Strike in baseball = bad.

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AIDS is an engineered pandemic to kill billions

United nations takeover

Convention on law of the sea

Continuity of government

Black helicopters

NATO intervening in Yugoslavia

Waco was the start of a government takeover

OKC bombing was the start of a government takeover


9/11 was the start of a government takeover

The patriot act will be the start of a government takeover

The patriot act 2 will happen and will be the start of a government takeover

The Iraq and Afghanistan wars will never end and will turn America into a new world order government takeover

The Carbon Exchange is owned by al gore and is the start of a government takeover

The Bilderberg Group are taking over

2008 financial crash is an engineered government takeover

The North American Union is the takeover and they have an Amero currency

Bush will cancel elections and takeover

Okay but obama and the Obama youth are going to takeover

Sars is an engineered pandemic to kill billions

Swine flue is an engineered pandemic to kill billions

2012 is the Mayan calendar end of the world

Arab spring was invented so that George Soros can send youth to your home to confiscate guns

Sandy hook is a hoax to confiscate your guns

The chlorine used in Syria is an Obama hoax to start a war

Jade Helm is a government takeover

They're going to kill trump before he takes over

They're going to kill trump before the midterms

The indictments are coming

The helicopter rides are about to happen if you believe harder

Covid is an engineered pandemic to kill billions

WEF are taking over

Biden stole the election to confiscate your guns and takeover

Covid vaccined are an engineered pandemic to kill billions

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That’s a lot of truth in one post… some I’m still educating myself on 👍❤️

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They're all incorrect things, that conspiracy theorists were incorrect about. They disprove your fake claim that "At this point the conspiracy theorists seem to have a 100% strike rate"

Actually it's hard for me to think of a time when conspiracy thinking helped anyone anywhere ever. It's literally a useless path for you to go down and as proof I present to you a small sample of the times when conspiracists were flat out moronically wrong.

If you had spent the 80s or 90s or 00s worrying about anything Iisted there, then your time was 100% provably wasted

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They're all incorrect things

You've wrong-worded the issues like a weasel.

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building 7 didn't fall due to office fires

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What made it fall then? And why was the insurance increased on that and the towers? Why did the ‘plane’ that hit the pentagon luckily hit an area closed for refirbishment? Where did the cctv foitage go? Why were the family/associates of osama the most wanted man on the planet, (Bandaar bush childhood friend) flown straight out the country after the towers ‘fell’?

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Riiiiihhgt sure buddy and that's why loose change put out, and then retracted eighteen or whatever versions of their stupid documentary before finally admitting they don't have a scientific account of a non-fire explanation.

In the meantime the only coherent scientific explanation remains

There's literally no coherent alternate theory.

What about the other items on the list?

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oh NIST is just a great source. the organization that admitted to not checking for explosives, and the organization that has had 3? whistle blowers come out and speak against it.

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Just to be clear, is wtc7 the only one you think was a correct conspiracy and you agree the rest of the list were fake ones?

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Your list is mostly hyperbole and opinion, not even verifiable claims. But several of them are mostly true.

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He weasel-worded the issues by adding moot points, not-popular concepts, or false premises so anyone who might argue those points will fail.

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Is that a socks alt account?

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You need help

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I guess we live in different worlds, the asylum of a world I’m currently living in is heading toward a one world government, digital enslavement via cbdcs, the gates sponsored WHO global pandemic treaty, the sexualisation of children, unaccountable externally controlled governments, excess ‘unexplainable’ deaths across the world, manipulated division, managed declines of our cities, the constant promotion of invisible threats, I have no opinion on the one case of sandy hook you mentioned, AIDS didn’t come from a monkey spitting at a human, Convid wasn’t bats, MrNA jabs so safe and effective their makers demanded no legal liability for them, the Iraq war was started on the lie they had weapons of Mas destruction- it’s been proven they didn’t, the yank withdrawal of Afghanistan leaving billions of dollars of military equipment to the suooosed enemy. I’m no fan of billionaires saving us as I think trumps controlled opposition to destroy america, uncontrolled immigration of young men coming from peaceful countries as well as war torn ones, they’ve all left the women and children behind. Epstein Island was used for blackmail purposes, I don’t believe the helicopter rides will happen, nobody’s draining any swamps. And I didn’t spend any time worrying about any of it, I just questioned official narratives and things that didn’t and still don’t make sense, like lockdowns to save us, but supermarkets packed but had 3 ft plastic screens at the tills and arrows on the floor to stop an airborn virus, childrens playgrounds padlocked, ‘a small window of opportunity’, censorship instead of debate/education, etc etc, I hope your world makes more sense, cos they won’t stop putting cameras up and blocking roads in mine for their 15mins te prisons.

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You have the facts wrong on a lot of this stuff.

But at the end of the day.

Everything you typed here is just you repeating the stuff people say on conspiracy message boards. They're not things which you have factually established. They're just things which you read online.

Epstein Island was used for blackmail purposes

Nobody knows this as a fact but it's something which conspiracy theorists claim

yank withdrawal of Afghanistan leaving billions of dollars of military equipment to the suooosed enemy

That's not a conspiracy its just a fact about logistics. But it's something which conspiracy theorists insist upon online

one world government, digital enslavement via cbdcs, the gates sponsored WHO global pandemic treaty, the sexualisation of children,

All this is fake stuff that people on conspiracy boards talk about

blocking roads in mine for their 15mins te prisons.

This is all fake stuff which you read on a conspiracy board

Everything you're regurgitating back to me are fake untrue things that don't exist in reality. They just exist on conspiracy message boards.

You just did a data-dump of all the fake conspiracies you read about online. It shows me that you have been reading this stuff too much. It's all fake news which you have internalised as true

I dunno, maybe it's really too late to save you from the internet rabbit hole of fakes. You seem pretty thick, I don't think you have even been properly reading what I've been telling you, that you have been programmed by a fake internet cult of alternate theories which all gel together very well but have zero bearing on reality

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I don’t need ‘conspiracy theorist’ the term I believe was invented by yank secret services to discredit people who questioned kennedys assassination. I’m literally watching cameras being put up and roads being closed/speed limits restricted all over the city I live in. I don’t even need to touch upon Epstein and his mossad links/flight lists, gates meetings, and vids from properties. Why would you withdraw from a country of supposed terrorists and leave behind all that military equipment? (That’s not conspiracy, that’s me just questioning reality). The Bank of England, and the U.K. govt website (amongst many others around the world) have lots of info on forthcoming CBDCs so I’m in good conspiracy company, The fed is a privately owned financial institution which has corruptly screwed the world, but is not owned/created by the US govt. The only reason you’d deny the sexualisation of children happening is if you’re a delusion deviant/pedo. It’s been happening in US schools for a few years and is now spreading via books such as ‘genderqueer’ and drag Queen story times. The transgender promotion is promoted insanity, men cannot get pregnant or have periods, Women don’t have a dick. It’s all easier to check/prove than the Russian education you provided me earlier. If questioning reality makes you want to try to use the insult ‘conspiracy theorist’ I’ll take it, now back under ya rock you deviant waste of time troll, you’re boring me, nobody pays me for my options/post/debate or thoughts, and I have nothing to gain but attracting fkwits like you questioning my intelligence. Why would anyone with at least one brain cell out themselves on that pedestal. And if your reading/seeing so many ‘conspiracy theorists’ on soundboards (and getting upset/angry about what you see) maybe it’s because a lot of what they’re saying or correct.