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You're literally destroying the "conspiracy" sub by putting everything in, including the kitchen sink. When someone want's to find actual "conspiracy" content they're going to find nothing but unrelated duplicates.


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To me this belongs here as well as worldpolitics, not to mention others. It's a piece of the puzzle.Why not share it?

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The whole world is a puzzle. But for clarity you don't put the whole world in one category. This belongs in economics, or business, or authority, or centralization, or anywhere faaar before conspiracy. Is it really a conspiracy when it's obvious or out in the open?

The CIA conspires to fund half of the Hollywood movies. Does that mean every movie should go in conspiracy? Focus man.

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Is it really a conspiracy when it's obvious or out in the open?

Of course... and the Fed is a pretty important place to focus. By the way, please feel free to take what I share and post it to other subs. I'm just a node passing on info, as is everyone else here.

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I'm not debating the value of your articles. You post good stuff. But too often you don't think about the subs. If I wanted to find interesting stuff in "technology" and all I got were cat videos I'd be pretty pissed and not want to use SaidIt. The search is bad enough as it is, limited only to post titles and presently our only other option and reliance is on proper categorization into the subs - which unfortunately also are locked in and not modifiable.

From one angle I agree - everything is a conspiracy. But practically, if everything is conspiracy how can we effectively search for something like conspiracy trials if everything from chemtrails to Corbett to Columbus are also cluttering up conspiracy?

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I feel you, and I agree to a certain degree, but I'm only surfing conspiracy and worldpolitics subs here (and elsewhere for the most part), so I limit my submissions to those subs as well.

Basically I've decided to spent the limited time I have focus on this type of news/info, and to do so on multiple platforms (i.e., decentralize the sources). It's the best I can do right now.

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I'm not asking you to change your surfing habits. I'm asking you to consider the sub titles for your posts and improve their categorization. These scandalous "conspiracies" and "world news" on vanilla sites may be fine with those labels, but on SaidIt there are many many many flavours of corruption around the globe.

I'm not saying you're taking a crap in the middle of the bathroom floor and think that's close enough - because you bring in good articles and not crap. However, I am saying you you bring home the gourmet groceries and leave them on counter in their bags, and you're not putting them in the cupboards, fridge, and freezer. It's a slice of lazy when clearly you're not. Before long you'll know the subs off the back of your hand.

Here's a tip. When I've got a post ready to go with an empty sub, all of the subs are listed but not easy to read - so I search the page and type the first few letters of what I'm hoping for until I find one I like. Start specific, then gradually go broader, and if all else, WorldNews fits everything under the sun, though typically it should be for international affairs.