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There is abundant evidence that the elite mean exactly what they say: they think there are too many stupid people. Normies don't realize they mean depopulation through all means possible, including poisoning the air, water and food because these elites conspire to and make the media they own laugh at conspiracy theories as if conspiracies were not the historical norm but some crazy idea.

I don't know about aliens. What are these aliens? To be aliens they have to be able to travel faster than light to get here. Maybe they are not bound by the laws of physics because they are not physical. Maybe UFOs are just government technologies and not from extra terrestrials? Who knows? Maybe Einstien was wrong?

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Yes. They use FTL travel. You spin mercury and then spin an opposite magnet the other way. And it creates a field. You manipulate the field, and it moves “mass” in front of you, and displaces that mass behind you.

FTL travel is nothing special. It’s displacement of the fundamental building blocks.

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Well, if you believe that, you'll probably believe Elon's brain chip will cure disease and expand your capabilities too.

Or that Gates talking about reducing the population through vaccination was his brain fart way of talking about lowering population by improving health care.

Normies may or may not be low iq, but what makes them naive is they accept things from authority without questioning if the official narrative is true and how they could know it, and they laugh at anyone who does as schizo.

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You are a stupid cunt.

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Said "FuckYourMom" on the Internet. I'm convinced.

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Supposedly humans have stumbled in to this kind of innovations. They kill us when we discover it.

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The theory and mathematics for FTL are already known and done. The "only" problem (in principle) is having a sufficiently powerful energy source to turn it into a viable system. Of course, Tesla knew how to get infinite energy "from the void" so "they" know how to do it since his patents were all seized in the early 20th century.

My bet is, there are already human-built FTL ships, we just don't know about them. You gotta keep in mind that the tech you're allowed to know about is already far into the obsolete by the time the "new and exciting" development is announced to the public.

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In my decades on this planet I've found the opposite. Always hearing about the new amazing batteries or cancer cure, but none are ever quite ready for prime time. Maybe next year?

And next year never comes.

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It's in the interests of the elites to hide them from the public. For instance they want to keep the cancer cure from the public, because they make loads more money on the treatment.

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I know the cure for cancer. Have you ever noticed, the so-called "elites" never die from it? They live into their 90s but no cancer.

Also, I'm stating that the "good" tech is hidden. OF COURSE you don't know about it. It wouldn't be hidden then, would it?

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"UFOs" and "aliens" are archons pretending to be something else to trick people. They are indeed not physical. They can shapeshift and mimick anything.

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Space aliens should be way too smart than to want in on this shit show. Would be like a modern man going to be an overlord of monkeys.

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They eat us. We are cattle. Also, we are way more intelligent than dogs, and many of us love dogs more than other humans. Watching thing kill each other is entertaining.

They may not be more intelligent than us, or not by an unfathomable amount. Just more advanced.

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I don't even care at this point. Life is too brutal. I don't think most people realize that life for 99% of people is pure misery from birth to death.

I don't like the manner they're doing it or the plot to take over the world. Death creates more trauma for others. But if the world just vanished quickly and peacefully, I don't think that'd be such a bad thing. I know that's not their goal or motivation though. They just want power.

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I don't know how y'all have gotten the idea that people are capable of this evil mastermind shit. I see nothing but deranged idiots all the way up to the top. I think you'd rather believe that there is some logic to the world, even if it's evil logic, than accept that we're just stupid and global society has accelerated beyond our control.

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Appearing stupid is the best camouflage for utter evil.