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Only 0.1% of people have a healthy gut microbiome and can produce healthy donor poop, and your poo would be worth $500 a dump because of how rare it is

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Why not elaborate and comment on the ideals rather than this shitpost? You expect me to follow all those links? I got shit to do man. Fuck.

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He's just bringing the receipts. Point is, he's right, and you know he's right, you fat, wheezy fuck.

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How many people poison themselves regularly with alcohol?
It is popular pop culture to make yourself sick and miserable with booze.

How many people do daily pushups & take daily walks outside?
Many people are just living on cruise control, eating fried food from a drive thru, very little thought involved.

Maybe we're overwhelmed, maybe we're too busy, maybe there are lots of excuses...
But most people (should) know that they're not trying very hard, that they shouldn't be eating donuts and french fries LOL

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Most of these problems are caused by vaccines. The asthma, specifically, trends directly with the number of vaccines on the childhood schedule for each country. There are also only 2 possible causes for autoimmune disorders: overstimulation of the immune system by extreme illness, and overstimulation of the immune system by vaccines. As it stands now, nearly all US citizens have at least one autoimmune disorder. Most of us have several.

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25% of women between 25-65 are on antidepressants in Canada

I wonder how much of this is due to Seasonal Affective Disorder? Which is much more common among women and people who live in Northern climes.